Monthly Content Pack




We deliver ready-made cause content to share on social media, pre-written emails, and printable materials straight to your Causely dashboard every month. Simply click, edit ( if you prefer), and share.

Facebook Posts

We provide you with all of the cause content you need to share on social media throughout the month. From cause announcement images, to mid-month updates and monthly recaps, we keep you stocked with fresh content. Simply share the content throughout the month to keep your community engaged and excited to check-in and support the month’s cause.

High-Res Print Materials

We make it easy for your staff to encourage your community to check-in with High-Res Printable Materials. Simply print and post around your facility (inside restroom doors are one of the best places, no joke) to keep your staff and community informed of the cause and encouraged to check in.


Are videos a better way to reach your community? We got you covered. Before every month, we provide you with an announcement video to launch the upcoming month’s cause. Share the video with your community on Facebook, or download the video to use in your facility.

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Done-for-You Emails

Writing is tough and takes time. So we do it for you. We provide you with pre-written emails and newsletter blurbs to send to your community and staff. The emails announce the new cause, give details on the non-profit partner as well as communicate the check-in/donation ratio for the month. All you have to do is hit send.

Done for You emails