Grow your gym membership and support great causes.

With Sweat Angels, each time a member refers a friend by checking in on Facebook, we make a donation to a great cause.

Watch how easy it is to grow your gym in just 3 minutes.


Sweat Angels Generates Friend-To-Friend Referrals

As a gym owner, you know that referrals are an ideal way to get new members. After all, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends over all other forms of media.

You also know that building and maintaining an effective referral program is tough and time consuming.

But there's a better way that's simple and effective. Sweat Angels helps gym owners generate friend-to-friend referrals using Facebook check-ins.

In September alone, we helped 1,294 gym owners generate 40 million friend-to-friend referrals through Facebook check-ins.

1,294 Gyms


40 Million Friend Referrals

Gym owners typically see a 4-6x increase in Facebook referrals with Sweat Angels.

I can't think of any other marketing program that gives you as much bang for your buck.”


Todd Adamson
Owner of Anytime Fitness Milton, FL

Facebook Impressions Before & After
Todd Adamson | Owner of Anytime Fitness - Milton, FL

What's our secret? Every time your members check-in to your gym on Facebook, we make a donation to a great cause.


Supporting causes is an effective and authentic way of encouraging your members to take action.

83% of Americans

Wished That Businesses They Patronize

Would Support Causes

Sweat Angels allows you to give back and fulfill your members' desire to get involved in the process.

Sweat Angels is a no-brainer. It goes to support real world good, it gives us more exposure and our members are proud they are supporting good causes."


Case Belcher
Owner: Four Barrel CrossFit


How Sweat Angels Works in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Order your Sweat Angels Launch kit.
  2. Encourage our community to check-in by using our digital signage, sharing our content on your Facebook page, and by announcing before class.
  3. Watch as your members generate thousands of friends-to-friend referrals every day.

Facebook check-ins are the perfect way to tell people about your gym. Not only is each check-in typically seen by over 200 friends of a member, but they provide a ton of valuable information about your gym.

You May Be Missing

Out On One Of The Most

Effective Forms Of Growth

With Sweat Angels, your community becomes your marketing team.

Generate more referrals, build a strong community and give back. Let us help you get started.

Sweat Angels is one of the best things you can do to add members AND support great causes. So go on, click that big red button and we'll show you how to start growing today.


Sweat Angels Partners
Sweat Angels Partners