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Gym Owners Love Sweat Angels

CrossFit boxes, yoga studios, large fitness facilities, and more - Sweat Angels delivers results for any type of fitness location.

“Our community went crazy for Sweat Angels. We went from a few dozen check-ins a month to over 1,700 in the first month alone.”

Jarett Perelmutter (JP), Owner, Brick Sport Performance 
"Sweat Angels worked so well at bringing in new members, I had to add classes!"

Dale King - Owner, PSKC CrossFit
Dale King
"As a gym owner, why wouldn't you to get involved with Sweat Angels? It's the perfect way to grow membership and build community."

Nicole Zapoli - Owner, Dynamis CrossFit
Nicole Zapoli

How Sweat Angels Helps Gym Owners

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True Friend Referrals

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends over all other forms of media. Who better to spread the word than your loving athletes?
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4-6x Increase in Exposure

Sweat Angels locations typically see their Facebook impressions skyrocket. Skyrockets are the best type of rockets.
Maximus Facebook Impressions

The Power of a Facebook Check In

Check-ins provide a ton of valuable information about your business - all the information needed to make a great first impression.

Check-ins are typically seen by 150-300 friends of a member. Can you think of a better audience to market to?

How Do We Deliver Results Like These?

With Sweat Angels, Every Facebook Check-in Equals Real World Good

Did you know that 83% of Americans wish that businesses they patronize would support causes? Sweat Angels gives you a way to do just that, all while encouraging your members to spread the word on Facebook through a simple check in.


We've Raised Over $1,000,000 for Amazing Causes

Non-profit Ban

What's Included

Promotional Kit

Sweat Angels Display + Promo Kit

We'll provide you with our box of awesome filled with promotional goodies to engage your members:

  • 10" Digital Display with Wifi Connectivity
  • 13"x19" Promotional Poster
  • 4"x6" "How to Check-In" Table Tents
  • Entry/Exit Door Decals
Monthly Digital Content

Content Subscription for Your Sweat Angels Display

Your Sweat Angels display will automatically update with fresh content about the cause we're supporting and the good we've done. Turn it on once and never touch it again. 

Click to view Sweat Angels Media!

Shareable Content Subscription


We continually provide you with content that you can share on your gym's Facebook page to keep your members engaged. You'll be able to keep your community excited about the program with just a few clicks:


  • Membership Announcement
  • Monthly Cause Announcements & Updates
  • Athlete of the Month
  • Wall of Giving
  • Original Videos & Content
Sweat Angels Dashboard

Automated Tracking and Analytics Dashboard


We automatically track Facebook check-ins at your location, so there's no work involved on your part. Your analytics dashboard gives you up-to-date information on your results and provides you with tools to share monthly content with your community.

Use our Member Lifetime Value Calculator

Member Lifetime Value measures the revenue your business makes from any given member. It helps you make important business decisions about marketing, customer service, and sales.

Request a Sweat Angels Demo Today

To learn how Sweat Angels helps hundreds of gyms use Facebook check-ins to drive referrals AND help great causes, contact Matt Sharp at 844-37-SWEAT or matt@causely.com. Or simply fill out this form to schedule a demo today.