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The Value of a Facebook Check-In


The Value of A Facebook Check In

Imagine that you were trying to create the ultimate social media post to promote your business. What kind of information would you include? Location? Ratings? People who have been there? Photos of your community?

It turns out that this is exactly how Facebook check-ins work, and they’re the most valuable form of exposure a gym owner could hope for. Why do we say that? Keep reading to find out.

Facebook Check-Ins Provide a Ton of Valuable Information About Your Business

To start, Facebook Check-Ins provide all the information a potential customer would look for – your location, ratings, and a link to your Facebook page for more details. If a check-in is viewed on a mobile device, clicking the map will even bring up driving directions.

More importantly, Facebook Check-Ins serve as a personal referral from one friend to another. By checking in, a Facebook user is endorsing a business. And people don’t share information about a place they’ve visited unless they think their friends are interested.

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Check-Ins Engage Customers With Your Business

The check-in experience doesn’t end after the initial post. Facebook also highlights photos of friends who’ve been there, reviews they’ve made, other relevant locations nearby, and even photos from your Facebook page. Facebook also gives you the chance to promote an offer, like a new customer discount or merchandise sale.

the value of a facebook check in

Each Check-In is Seen by Over 200 Friends

This is arguably the most valuable thing about Facebook check-ins – they are typically seen by at least 200 friends of the person checking in! Often times it’s more than that. We’ve seen as many as 600 impressions from a single Facebook check-in.

This means that when someone checks in, they’re recommending your business to hundreds of their friends. This easily makes Facebook check-ins the most powerful way to encourage word-of-mouth referrals. If you’re not consistently generating Facebook check-ins at your business, you’re missing out on a real source of growth.

Make Sure Your Facebook Page Is Enabled For Check-Ins

Facebook check-ins can only help your business if your Facebook page is set up the right way. For instructions on how to do this, take a look at this article about configuring your Facebook page to allow for check ins.

Finally, you’ll want to monitor check-in activity at your business regularly. Take a look at who’s checking in, see what they’re saying, and respond to comments, and you’ll go a long way to engage customers.