Reviews from Sweat Angels Members

“Since starting Sweat Angels, I’ve cut my marketing budget by 30–40% and I'm getting way more Facebook visibility, traction, and results. It’s exactly what I was looking for!”

Bryce Henson // Fit Body Boot Camp

"I can’t think of any other marketing programs where you get as much bang for your buck, and it all goes to a good cause. It’s a win-win."

Todd Adamson // Anytime Fitness

"I love how simple they make it to give to charity, to help others in need while allowing my clients to share their commitment to their fitness levels."

Lachlan Farley // Steps to Greatness

"Our brand is all about helping people gain and maintain a more fit, healthier, fun filled lifestyle. So Causley was the perfect match for us. I speak about Sweat Angels every week to all of our Franchisees as well as potential Franchisees."

Gabi // iLoveKickboxing

"We just started the program and within the first 10 days we have hit 220 check-ins, and our impressions from those check-ins are over 6,000. Our clients love the fact that when they check-in they know it's making a difference."

Glenn Whelan // Epic Ultimate Results

"Don’t hesitate about Sweat Angels. It is one of the best things we’ve done in the last four years. Sweat Angels is a great experience for gym members and it gives people something to look forward to. It’ expands your network. All those check-ins lead to other people."

Stephanie Wettengel Revis // The Grind Shop

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“Sweat Angels is amazing. It cuts down your spend on marketing. It brings in new people. It's easy. And it's centered around giving. If you're a gym owner and you want to get more involved with your members, join Sweat Angels."

Ellen Pike // Bella Forza Fitness

"I manage two gyms. If Sweat Angels wasn't easy, I wouldn't do it. But it is easy. It takes two minutes to send out the emails and posts to the members. Then you're done.”

PJ Jones // Gold's Gym Indy / Get Fit Athletic Club

“I think businesses just need to try Sweat Angels. It’s something everyone can do— no matter that type of business you are. Do your research on the program and get going.”

Tina Bruno // Curves of Apex

“Sweat Angels makes sense. Why wouldn't you want Facebook check-ins to count towards charity? People love checking in... it might as well be for a good cause.”

Bean Tabbet-Adkins // Planet Salon

“With Sweat Angels, we're doing more than just push ups in the parking lot. We're doing good and setting ourselves apart from all the other programs out there.”

Paul Taylor // Camp Gladiator

"We have one of the highest retention rates of any gym - all due to Sweat Angels. Our members are super proud that their gym wants to help others."

Heidi Jones // Brick NY

“Sweat Angels adds a feeling of long-term closeness in our community. Why would you pass up an opportunity to build community at your business, increase revenue, and give back?”

Tim Creuder // Gladiator's Academy

"Sweat Angels makes you stand out as a business that cares about the world and helping others. Our positive reputation attracts more members - at a lower cost - than any type of advertising we’ve done before. "

Samir Panjwani // Orangetheory Fitness

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