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Survive the CrossFit Games Like These 8 Experts

Our office is full of excitement as we get ready for our trip to the 2015 CrossFit Games this week. In preparation for the big event, we asked some experts to share tips and things they’ve learned throughout the years for making the most of the week. From tips on what to eat from nutrition expert, Paul Nobles, to selfie advice from CrossFit Games winner Julie Foucher, we have what you need to know right here.

Laura Phelps Sweatt from CrossFit Conjugate
Instagram: @lauraphelpssweatt
Facebook: facebook.com/lauraphelpssweatt

Always pack a hat!!!!! I learned that after scalding my scalp a few years ago!

Marcus Dedina from LifeAsRx & Dynamiss CrossFit
Instagram: @thebadgerx
Facebook: facebook.com/marcus.dedina

1. Eat before you start drinking. Preferably bacon or some other salted meat.
2. Know someone that can give you an IV before and after the games after party.
3. Bring a butt pad and a hat.
4. Practice your selfie game so it's strong when you see your favorite CrossFit celebrity. 

John Swanson from The Granite Games, Factory Forged, & CrossFit Fast Factory
Instagram: @thegranitegames
Facebook: facebook.com/crossfitfastfactory

1. Check out Vendor Village Thursday before the crowd gets crazy. You will get your pick on all the gear and won’t have to wait in the lines.
2. Use sunscreen or be prepared to wish you’d brought it.
3. Bring a backpack to carry water and an extra tee in.
4. Check out the Masters athletes. They are complete badasses.

Paul Nobles from Eat To Perform
Twitter: @EatToPerform
Facebook: facebook.com/EatToPerform 

For athletes: Liquid Nutrition, it's very hard to get in an adequate amount of whole foods throughout the day. Having some carbs post workout makes a ton of sense. In fact, athletes normally drink protein, which I would normally recommend. But I would say the carbs are way more important in between events. When you feel hungry eat though, being at the games is nerve racking and so you aren't always going to feel like eating. So when you do, chow down.

Spectators: Yes, buy the reserved seats- you won't regret it. It gets hot as hell on Sunday

Mike Bledsoe from Barbell Shrugged & CrossFit Memphis
Twitter: @michaelbledsoe
Facebook: facebook.com/BarbellShruggedPodcast

1. Get in a day early, check out Venice beach, buy some supplies for your hotel room, and settle in.
2. Remember to stay hydrated in the sneaky heat.

Julie Foucher
Twitter: @Julie_Foucher
Instagram: @juliefoucher
Facebook: facebook.com/juliefoucherCF

1. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and lots of water.
2. Find a place out of the sun to rest a few times a day.
3. If you see someone you recognize, don't hesitate to ask them for a picture!

Case Belcher from Four Barrel CrossFit
Twitter: @CaseBelcher
Facebook: facebook.com/FourBarrelCrossfit 

1. Pack everything and plan to be there for the day. There is so much going on you won’t want to leave and miss anything.
2. Use Uber! If you are near the stadium, don’t pay the outrageous parking fees. Plus, you can drink all the beer you want without needing to drive.
3. Bring sunscreen since clothes/shirts are optional!
4. Don’t miss anything inside the stadium- it is electric and an experience like no other.
5. Connect with vendors and acquaintances ahead of time so you can schedule a time to have a drink while you are there.
6. Stick around for a few days after the games. It is tough to get amped up for the finals on Sunday night then have to get up for a 5 am flight right after that.

Baker Leavitt from Kill Cliff
Twitter: @killcliff
Instagram: @killcliff

Enjoy and focus on the process of crowning the fittest. Pay attention to the placing and scoring of each event and the constant shifting of athletes up and down the leaderboard. A lot of moving parts, but at end of the day it's the process that crowns the fittest.

Slater Coe from Derby City CrossFit
Facebook: facebook.com/derbycitycrossfit

1. Fly into John Wayne Airport in Orange County. I swear that LAX is Satan's vacation spot.
2. You can always talk the rental car people into an upgrade.
3. The IHOP at Carson & Avalon is the place to be in the mornings. Say hi to Yasmin. She is a bright spot of any trip to Carson.
4. After the night's events are over, don't eat dinner in Carson. Every restaurant is packed with CrossFitters and the wait times are kinda nuts.
5. Instead, head out to Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach for some of the restaurants out there.
6. For some reason, $13 tall-boy Coronas taste especially great in the sun while watching people workout.
7. That said, I highly recommend drinking a ton of water to keep you hydrated. 
8. Bring your iPad so you can watch the CrossFit Games Update Show at night and criticize the accomplishments and failures of athletes that are clearly better than you. #ShoutOutToPatSherwood
9. For the same reason that you don't wear a t-shirt of the band that you're seeing in concert, don't wear obvious CrossFit clothes at the Games. You're an elitist, so dress normal. As long as normal is tank tops or topless all day long.
10. Binoculars are less important for watching the athletes in action in the soccer stadium and maybe more important for crowd watching. There's a lot of "fitness" to be observed... for both sexes.
11. Make sure you've got your iPhone battery backup for all the excessive Instagram and Snapchat usage throughout the day. (Also... cell reception sucks usually, so prepare to inundate your feed with a ton of pics at the end of the day.)
12. Bring plenty of cash for all the Games swag and grass-fed burger vendors.

When it comes to catching up with friends while you’re at the CrossFit Games, be sure to stop by booth #48 to meet our team and win the walking boot Julie Foucher wore to the 2015 CrossFit Regionals. See you there!

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