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Why Does This Fitness Studio Generate So Many Referrals?


Megan Geerdts is passionate about helping people get fit and achieve their goals. Not only does she have a Ph.D. in Psychology, but she also has certifications in group fitness instruction, Spinning, and Pilates. To leverage her skills and passion, Megan recently opened Cadence Cycling & Fitness in Flemington, NJ.

Megan knew that she would have to find a way to advertise Cadence if she was going to fully realize her dream. After all, opening the studio was just the first step. So we talked to Megan to find out how she was marketing Cadence and why she decided to join Sweat Angels. Read on to find out what we learned.

Challenges With Marketing

Megan knew that radio, television, and print ads were no longer effective places for local businesses to advertise. Because modern marketing is social media driven, Meagan wisely concentrated her efforts there. She posted updates about Cadence on their Facebook and Instagram pages. She also shared motivational quotes and images, as well as links to informative articles.

Next, Megan joined local Facebook groups and took every opportunity to answer questions and be helpful. “Whenever I could, I’d answer questions for people and help them with fitness related problems. I would also share information about Cadence when it was relevant,” Megan said. “The things I did on Facebook created awareness about Cadence, but it was painfully slow.”


Like other business owners, Megan noticed that very few followers or fans would see her posts on the Cadence Facebook page, and only a tiny portion of those would comment, like, or share them. She was able to reach more people in the Facebook groups, but after a while, it started to feel like her comments were forced.

“I actually started feeling like I was pestering people with my posts. It’s challenging because you need to get the word out about your business, but you don’t want to turn people off in the process,” Megan said. Another downside is that being so active on social media took several up hours each day that Megan could have spent with clients or managing Cadence. 

Seeing Interest Grow Quickly

When Megan read about Sweat Angels, she knew it was the answer to her marketing challenges. Why? Sweat Angels helps Megan gets more Facebook check-ins at her gym. Because each check-in is typically seen by about 200 friends, they're one of the most poweful ways to generate referrals.

But here's the secret... with Sweat Angels, every Facebook check in at Megan's gym provides real world good, like meals for kids and care for rescued animals. Because good causes are such a strong incentive, it wasn't long before Megan's members started checking in on Facebook and telling their friends about her studio.


Megan signed up for Sweat Angels and the Cadence community wholeheartedly embraced the program. “Right away our members wanted to check-in. They got excited about being able to do something good,” Megan explained. “And the process of checking in is fun for them too. Sometimes they take pictures of our studio or their friends in class and share them with their check-ins. Other times they say motivating things about their workout or helping others in need.”


The Cadence members like checking in so much, that they rarely miss a chance to do it. “Each of our classes ends up with several check ins, so we are in Facebook news feeds throughout the day,” Megan explained. But even better, the check-ins build engagement and interest in Cadence.

“When members check in, I see their family and friends comment on the check-ins and ask about Cadence. Sometimes they say they want to try a class,” Megan said. “We see a lot of interactions like that from our members’ check-ins, and it’s helping our Cadence community grow.”


Growing By Giving Back

“I’ve always been involved with charities because I believe it’s important to give back. Sweat Angels is great because it helps our community do that every day,” Megan said. Being able to give coats to kids in need or medicine for shelter pets engages our members. [Our members even] started running a donation drive to go along with each cause. Sweat Angels has made my studio much more than just a place to workout.”

People in the community know that Cadence supports these great causes, so Cadence stands out as a business that cares about more than making money. “We were recently featured in a press release and interview. The fact that we support great causes came up, and people couldn’t stop talking about us.”


With the rapid growth Cadence has experienced in the last two months, it’s clear that giving to others in need is a great way to grow a business. “I recommend Sweat Angels to everyone,” Megan told us. “I no longer have to spend a ton of time on social media because our members do the marketing for us. Plus it feels good to grow by giving back. It’s the best way to build your business.”

Want To Generate More Referrals At Your Gym?

Sweat Angels helps gym owners generate friend-to-friend referrals using Facebook check-ins.  Every time your members check-in on Facebook, we make a a donation to a great cause. It's the perfect way to generate interest in your gym, all while giving back.. 

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