4-6x increase in expsosure

Using cause is such an effective incentive that Sweat Angels boxes typically see their Facebook impressions skyrocket. Skyrockets are the best type of rockets.

feature1-small  Word-of-mouth rules

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends over all other forms of media. Who better to spread the word than your loving athletes?

feature1-small  Major real world impact

Consumers and Sweat Angel-empowered gyms alike love being able to support great causes through simple, everyday actions. Don’t be a jerk and make it tough for them to do awesome stuff.

Inspire your athletes. Get new members for your gym.

Sweat Angels helps you get new members by driving Facebook check-ins at your location. How? Our promise is simple: each time a member checks in at your box, a great cause receives a donation. Yup, it rocks.



Diana is ready.  Are you?

Diana rocks Sweat Angels at Iron Bar CrossFit (just look at that sweet tank). If you want to drive new athletes to your gym, give us a shout and we’ll help you rock like Diana.



The Results Speak for Themselves

Brick CrossFit – Facebook Impressions from Check-Ins – Before/After Sweat Angels

Brick Before/After

How Sweat Angels Works

1. Get your Big Box o’ Sweat Angels. You’ll get everything you need to show your Sweat Angel pride in house, including digital signage, print materials, decals, and other goodies.

“Our community went crazy over Sweat Angels.  Brick went from a few dozen check-ins a month to over 1,700 in the first month alone.  Sweat Angels has allowed us to work with the Brick community to build our brand while doing real world good.

Jarett Perelmutter (JP), Owner
Brick Los Angeles – Brick New York

2. Turn on the Awesome. Each time your athlete checks-in on Facebook, Sweat Angels makes a donation to the featured charity of the month. Easy peasy.

3.  Celebrate by jumping. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the exposure generated for your gym and the good your commmunity has accomplished. Welcome to Sweat Angel Nation!

Owners Love Sweat Angels

Athletes Love Sweat Angels

Athletes love talking about boxes using Sweat Angels – where else can they do something good just by checking in? Nowhere, that’s where.

Sweat Angels Community

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