Reach Reviews from Causely Members

“Reach gives our congregation a non-threatning way to engage in spiritual conversations. We all know that people trust their friends and have a tendency to go with someone they know. So if we know that, why not harness it?”

Griff Ray // Crossroads Church

"If you aren't using Reach by Causely, you're living in the 18th Century."

Charlie Shaw // Executive Pastor // Blessed Hope Church

"That's all our people care about--supporting the charities. We don't even talk about the massive impact their check-ins are having on our church's growth."

Tim Rhodus // Lead Pastor // Cross Church

"People love our church and Reach provides another outlet for members to talk about it. Reach has helped create a camaraderie among members."

Tim Hill/span> // Administrative Pastor // Bear Creek Church

"You can't afford not to try it if you are serious about broadening your influence in the community."

Jimmy McDonald // Lead Pastor // New Freedom Church

"Reach fit the DNA of our church because it would allow us to serve people in need while inviting people to church."

Tom Hogsed // Lead Pastor // Summit Church

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“Reach is the best way to do outreach, and I recommend it whenever I can."

Brad Zachritz // Lead Pastor // Shift Church

"Reach is so effective because each check-in is a personal endorsement. People trust personal recommendations. So after they see a Facebook check-in [at The Exchange Church], they check us out online and then come to visit.”

Jarrod Brooks // Lead Pastor // The Exchange Church

“We were new to Nashville and didn’t know many people. So it was going to be challenging to get connected. Luckily, when we heard about Reach, it was clear our problem was solved.”

Jason McNally/span> // Lead Pastor // Home Church

“We reduced our outreach budget by more than 90% and brought in new members at a greater rate than ever before.”

Robert Racoma // Lead Pastor // CityReach Forest Hills

“Reach has given us the reputation of caring about people first, and that helps breakdown the hesitancy people can feel when thinking about trying a new church. Our church has grown a name for being a place people want to come to, and it’s all because of Reach.”

Johnny Kelly // Lead Pastor // Discover Family Church

“We started Reach and our people fell in love and participated in a big way. Within in the first two weeks, we welcomed a whole family into our community because they saw a check in. It’s been great for us.”

Jason Mitchem // Lead Pastor // Revivify Church

"Reach is a great way to be interactive, to spread the word, and track who you’re reaching."

Josh Mauney // Dir. of Church Planting // ARC

“We’re not spending money on promotional materials that get thrown away anymore, we’re leveraging our promotion resources to do good - and our church community has really responded to that.”

Josh Peigh // Lead Pastor // Heartland Community Church

"Reach helps our congregation market our ministry while also thinking beyond ourselves!"

Tim Ahlman // Pastor // Christ's Greenfield Lutheran Church

"We view Reach as a mission, and it has increased our presence and name recognition in our community."

Daniel Morris // Pastor // FBC Danville

"Our motto is love God, love people, serve. This provided a way for all of our church family to help others in need."

Di // First Baptist Church of Green Valley

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