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[MONTHLY RECAP] April 2016 - feedONE

This April, the Reach community provided 60,080 meals to children in need through feedONE. With Reach, check-ins support great causes and gently invite people to where you worship. To learn how Reach can help grow your church, click here.

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How to Post Live Video of Your Church on Facebook

News just in: you can now post live videos on Facebook! It's kind of like hosting your own talk show. Like Kramer, except for real. 

With live videos, you can share exactly what you're doing at any given second of the day. Should your church consider live video? If you think that providing your community with personal, real-time access to services and church events would keep them more engaged, then the answer is YES.

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How New Freedom Church Reached 15,000 People in One Day

New Freedom Church, a struggling church plant tucked away in an industrial park, needed to hit the refresh button. They had 35 members and no way to find their location without a GPS. When Jimmy McDonald became the pastor, he immediately saw growth opportunities. Fortunately, Reach provided part of the solution.

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[PODCAST] Leave Your Ego at the Door w/ Josh Peigh

Josh Peigh is the lead pastor at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. In our latest episode of Church Planter's Guide To The Galaxy, Drew and Jeff interview Josh about his "no-ego" approach to church planting. And how Heartland Community Church, a multisite church, has been crazy successful with this style of leadership.

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[MONTHLY RECAP] March 2016 - Children's Health Fund

Last month the Reach community provided 40,677 vitamins to impoverished children through our partnership with Children's Health Fund. With Reach, check-ins do more that just show people were you worship, they support great causes. To learn how Reach can help grow your church, click here.

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[ebook] Brand Yourself: A Church Planter's Guide for Building a Successful Church Brand 

Learn how building a strong brand can grow your church.

With this free guide, we’ve outlined five essential tips for building a successful church brand. Each tip walks you through the importance of branding and how it can draw new members into your community.

Download your free guide now to spread God’s word with a strong brand. 

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Why The Summit Church Chose Reach Over Mailers

When Summit Church struck out on their own, as an off-shoot from a larger campus, they expected immediate growth. Fresh church. Fresh community. Flocks of members. But, as most church start-ups experience, things didn't happen that way. It took a lot of mistakes, a lot of hard work, and a lot of wasted outreach dollars. And for The Summit Church, it took Reach. 

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Men or Women...Who's Listening to You on Facebook?

To be heard on Facebook, you'll have to don the superhero cape in your closet and twirl a sign on the side of the road.  Kidding! (but we hope you wear your cape more often). 

Seriously though, to be heard, you have to know whom you’re talking to. While it would be great to know every detail about your audience, you’d be surprised how many churches overlook one of the basics: gender.

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6 Benefits a Church Experiences with Reach

We've got some rockstar church partners who have seen amazing benefits from using Reach. To shine a spotlight on their efforts and what they've experienced, we created a fancy infographic! 

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[Monthly Recap] February 2016 - buildOn

Last month the Reach community of 600 churches,  provided 98,346 days of school for children in need, just by checking in on Facebook. With Reach, check-ins do more that just show people were you go to church, they support great causes like buildOn. To read more about how Reach can help grow your church from the inside out, click here

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