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How To Build A Community When Your Church Is New

As a new church plant, one of your greatest challenges is getting the word out about your church. Traditional outreach is a slow and frustrating process. You can mail out fliers, but they get tucked away with the rest of the “junk mail.” Billboard ads are expensive, radio ads get tuned out, and websites are only helpful once a person knows about your church.

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How One Church Plant Saved $1,000 Every Month On Outreach

You’ve been called to spread the Gospel with more people in your city, but growing your church plant with traditional outreach is a slow and frustrating process. The good news, beyond the gospel, of course, is that building your church plant community doesn’t have to be that hard.

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This Church Plant Built a Thriving Community With Facebook

Direct mail, print ads, radio, and TV commercials … traditional advertising can be a helpful tool for someone who's selling cars or opening a restaurant. But it’s not an ideal way to reach people and tell them about your church, especially during summertime when no one is listening. Discover Family Church realized this early on and took action. 

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How One Church Increased Attendance By Getting Rid of Direct Mail

One of the biggest challenges church planters face is finding creative ways to spread the word about their church to build a community. Revivify, a young non-denominational church in Martinez, GA, was confronting the same challenge. But thanks to the power of referrals, fueled by a desire to help those in need, the Revivify community is rapidly growing.

We spoke with co-founder and lead pastor, Jason Mitchem, to find out how they were able to overcome the challenge. Here’s what we learned:

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Reach Profiles - Josh Mauney of TurningPoint Church

What's it like to be a pastor using Reach? We asked Josh Mauney, lead Pastor of TurningPoint Church in Lexington, KY to find out. In addition to being the leader of his church, Josh is heavily involved in ARC. He's also an all-around great guy. Click the thumbnail below to read our quick interview with Josh.

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How Reach Helped Exponential Increase Facebook Engagement by 6,000%

On April 28th, we formally launched Reach at the Exponential East conference in Tampa, Florida. For those not familiar with Exponential, it is one of the largest gatherings of church planters globally, drawing nearly 5,000 planters together each year. We were fortunate enough to partner with Exponential to turn every Facebook check-in during the conference into real world good for people in need.

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How To Improve Church Attendance: The Story of Heartland Community Church

  ”Our generation isn’t standing at their mailboxes. They’re on social media - that’s where the word needs to be spread.”

Those words are from Josh Peigh, lead pastor of Heartland Community Church in Rockford, Illinois, and they have never been more true.

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This Church Changed Its Outreach Strategy... And Never Looked Back

What if I told you that this weekend, nearly half of your congregation would tell their friends about your church? And not just one or two friends - they’d be recommending you to around 200 people, each. You’d most likely call me crazy, but in a nice way, like eccentric.

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John Rougeux

John is co-founder and CMO at Causely. When he's not trying to build the most philanthropic company in the world, he's probably hanging out with his wife and three daughters in Lexington, KY. You can also find John on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Matthew Watson

Matt is Customer Success Manager at Causely, where he does everything in his power to help our customers succeed. He loves sports, his wife, his dog, and the great outdoors, but not in that order. He may love his dog more than sports. You can find Matt on Facebook and Twitter.


Sarah Werner

Sarah is a writer, marketer, and brand specialist. She has experience in both non-profit marketing and financial development as well as for-profit content marketing and social media. She holds degrees in English and Art from Asbury University. When she’s not writing content for Causely, you’ll find her outside with a book or camera enjoying the company of trees. You can also find Sarah on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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