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How This Church Serves Their Local Community and Beyond

"If you aren't using Reach by Causely, you're living in the 18th Century," said Charlie Shaw, Executive Pastor of Blessed Hope Church in Danville, VA.  Charlie knows that, in 2016, one of the best ways to start conversations about your church is by connecting with people on Facebook and Instagram. That's why he partners with Reach.

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Why Cross Church Focuses on Giving Back and Measuring Success

"The value of Causely is that it helps our campuses support charity while also getting the word out about our church," said Tim Rhodus, pastor of Cross Church's two campuses in Illinois. Tim figured out that the ability to support missions and gaining local visibility are vital but hadn't found an affordable outlet for either until he hear about Causely. 

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7 Church Planters Who Benefit From Reach

Reach by Causely partners with hundreds of church planters to help them connect more people to Christ and build stronger faith communities. To give you an idea of what our churches experience with Reach, we gathered quotes from 7 of our partners. Here's what they had to say.

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How Bear Creek Church Mixes Outreach With Social Justice

(Pictured: David Welch, Head Pastor)

Brief Bio

  • Name of Organization: Bear Creek Church 
  • Name of Leader Interviewed: Tim Hill, Administrative Pastor
  • Years in Existence: 35 years 
  • Location: Katy, TX
  • Biggest Challenge: Effective outreach online and building community
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How New Freedom Church Reached 15,000 People in One Day

New Freedom Church, a struggling church plant tucked away in an industrial park, needed to hit the refresh button. They had 35 members and no way to find their location without a GPS. When Jimmy McDonald became the pastor, he immediately saw growth opportunities. Fortunately, Reach provided part of the solution.

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Why The Summit Church Chose Reach Over Mailers

When Summit Church struck out on their own, as an off-shoot from a larger campus, they expected immediate growth. Fresh church. Fresh community. Flocks of members. But, as most church start-ups experience, things didn't happen that way. It took a lot of mistakes, a lot of hard work, and a lot of wasted outreach dollars. And for The Summit Church, it took Reach. 

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6 Benefits a Church Experiences with Reach

We've got some rockstar church partners who have seen amazing benefits from using Reach. To shine a spotlight on their efforts and what they've experienced, we created a fancy infographic! 

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How Shift Church Reaches 50,000 People Every Month

Shift Church faced the same challenge that all churches face--growing membership. But when they saw the value of Facebook check-ins, they shifted their approach to harness the power of Facebook. Here's how they did it. 

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This Church Swore Off Mailers Forever. Here's Why.

What do you do when it's 2016 but your outreach is stuck on mailers that worked in the 1990s? Well, if you asked Larry Lacefield, founder and lead pastor of Restoration Church in Granite City, IL, he'd tell you to reinvent your outreach. Larry saw a 5x increase in exposure, all while saving thousands of dollars a year. Here's his story... but we warn you, it might make you swear off mailers forever.

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Small Church, Big Outreach. How One Texas Pastor Reaches Thousands

Launching a church plant is exciting but exhausting. And while the preparation is tough, building the community itself can be even more daunting. At least, that's how Pastor Jarrod Brooks felt as he launched The Exchange Church in Humble TX. Fortunately, Jarrod heard about Reach early on. He decided to use the program to fuel his young church's outreach efforts and quickly reached thousands of people in his community. Here's how he did it.

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