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How Facebook Check-Ins Help 'Save The Children'

STC_1200x628.pngOur Reach Community has done a lot of good through people's dedication to supporting causes by checking in on Facebook. To celebrate the amazing work we've done in the world, we're excited to shine a spotlight on our non-profit partner, Save the Children.  

This past August, we supported Save the Children by providing 51,395 days of early education curriculum for children in need. Every 2 check-ins provided 1 day of early learning support. Here's more about Save the Children's mission and how their early learning program is changing the lives of hundreds of children.

The Need For Early Learning 

Nearly 15 million children live in poverty in America and lack access to educational resources. This means that their chances of succeeding in kindergarten (and the rest of school) are shockingly low.

For children to succeed, it's vital to begin education at an early age. Without a solid foundation, their futures are set up for failure. That's where Save the Children comes in. Through our check-ins with Save the Children, we were able to provide the foundation children need to succeed in school and for the rest of their lives.

Giving Back Together
(© Photo: Susan Warner / Save the Children)

Save the Children's Solution 

Save the Children reaches the youngest U.S. children in need with early childhood development activities. Their services include a mix of high-quality classroom programs and home visiting for children from birth to age 5, free book exchanges and parent-child groups in isolated, high-poverty communities.


Giving Back Together

(© Photo: Susan Warner / Save the Children)

They also provide parents with age-appropriate activities for their children, help monitor developmental progress, and coach parents on how to interact with children to promote early literacy. 

Giving Back Together

(© Photo: Susan Warner / Save the Children)

How Save the Children Partners with Causely 

Save the Children has served more than 185 million children worldwide and we're honored to have played a part in their mission. Our Reach community has played a huge part in helping end poverty just by giving impoverished children a chance to live to their full potential. 

Bill Corwin, Vice President for U.S. Programs with Save the Children shared this message of gratitude with us: 

Every day, vulnerable children miss out on the learning they need to succeed in school and in life. Here in America and around the world, our caring professionals are working hard to give girls and boys a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. In the United States, too many children are living in poverty – they fall behind in school, and can never catch up. 

Did you know 3-year-olds in low-income homes have heard 30 million fewer words than other kids their age? And by fourth grade, most of them can't read at grade level. But just because a child is living in poverty doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have potential, and because of support from people like you, we can help build a solid foundation for learning when children are young. 

This is why your support through Causely was so important! By checking in, Causely supporters will help provide 51,394 days of early learning support to kids in our programs who need it most. 

Thank You For Checking In 

Thanks for always checking in and supporting great causes like Save the Children. We are amazed by our community's generosity and can't wait to see what we will do together in the future. 

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