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Why Cross Church Focuses on Giving Back and Measuring Success


"The value of Causely is that it helps our campuses support charity while also getting the word out about our church," said Tim Rhodus, pastor of Cross Church's two campuses in Illinois. Tim figured out that the ability to support missions and gaining local visibility are vital but hadn't found an affordable outlet for either until he hear about Causely. 

The Challenge of Measuring Success 

Since it's launch in 2000, Cross Church has grown from 90 members to 700+ on any given weekend. Naturally, growth happens with the aid of outreach and marketing. But marketing can get expensive and it's difficult to track.

"We were spending $800 a month on different forms of advertising. We tried newspapers ads, billboards, ads in various publications, even announcements at baseball games! And when we did a mailer, our spending would peak out at $2,500," said Tim. "But we had no way of measuring our marketing efforts to see what was working. Sure, people were finding us, but was it because of a mailer? I couldn't tell you." 


A few years ago, Tim sent out a postcard to an un-churched area and never heard anything. Four years later, a woman showed up at church holding that same postcard. She'd been saving it for 4 years! Traditional marketing has it's place. But is it the most effective? And equally important, is it the most affordable? These are the questions Tim started asking his team. 

Combining Charity Work and Marketing 

Then Tim heard about Causely. He learned about how every time someone checked in on Facebook at church, it generated a donation to a charity. Marketing that supported charity. It was perfect (and affordable). The more he learned about Causely's focus on charity and it's ability to measure success with the program, the more Tim was convinced it was a good fit for Cross Church. 

"The Causely dashboard for measuring is great. They set it up, connect it to our Facebook page, and track the check-ins and donations. All we do is talk about the program and post the ready-made social media content they send us each month," said Tim. 


The best part is the charity. "With Causely, we can still play a part without breaking the bank to send someone overseas," Tim said. Helping a developing nation without spending the money to send a group of people there has been worth it for Cross Church. 

An Affordable Solution With Massive Impact

"We don't have extra money. We’re a church. Our people give and we have a good healthy general fund and well-kept budget. But cost is always an issue," said Tim. "Which is why Causely has been a great solution for us." The cost for Causely is about the same as most people's cell phone bills. 

Since starting with Causely, Cross Church has experienced 13x increase in Facebook impressions from check-ins. 


"In our neighborhood, there's nothing like us within 45 minutes. 83% of the people we reach are un-churched people. Having the ability to reach this many people online is incredibly beneficial for our mission of spreading the Gospel and bring people to Christ," said Tim. 

Celebrating The Good 

The members at Cross Church love Causely. Every month Tim announces how much they've donated and everyone cheers. "That's all our people care about—supporting the charities. We don't even talk about the massive impact their check-ins are having on our church's growth," he said. "We just talk about the good."


Tim's Advice For Churches 

"I have no problems recommending Causely. The onboarding process was a piece of cake. My people are motivated because of the charities. You check-in and do good. We could have raised the money to send people down to build wells and spent half the money on airplanes, but with Causely we can still help build wells by coming along side a great charity. It's a no-brainer. Easy win."

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John Rougeux

John is co-founder and CMO at Causely. When he's not trying to build the most philanthropic company in the world, he's probably hanging out with his wife and three daughters in Lexington, KY. You can also find John on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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