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Small Church, Big Outreach. How One Texas Pastor Reaches Thousands

Reach Thousands In Your CityLaunching a church plant is exciting but exhausting. And while the preparation is tough, building the community itself can be even more daunting. At least, that's how Pastor Jarrod Brooks felt as he launched The Exchange Church in Humble TX. Fortunately, Jarrod heard about Reach early on. He decided to use the program to fuel his young church's outreach efforts and quickly reached thousands of people in his community. Here's how he did it.

Traditional Outreach Is Too Slow For A New Church

As The Exchange Church prepared for their first service, their team tried traditional ways of getting the word out. They went door to door with flyers. They bought Facebook ads. They even created a private Facebook group to encourage new members to invite friends and family. These outreach tactics worked, but slowly. 

Shifting Gears With Facebook Check-Ins

While sharing these growth challenges with a friend, Jarrod learned about an outreach program called Reach. He quickly knew it was a perfect fit for The Exchange Church. “When I found out that Reach would donate to a great cause every time someone checked in to our church on Facebook, I was interested. But when I heard how much exposure [those Facebook check-ins] would give us, and I knew [Reach] was the smartest way to grow our community,” Jarrod said.

Next Sunday, Jarrod introduced Reach to his community. The response was immediately positive. “Our members we’re so excited about Reach, they couldn’t wait to participate,” explained Jarrod. “So many people came up to me to ask how we were turning a check-in into clean drinking water or meals for children in Haiti. It got our community excited fast.”

A 3x Increase in Facebook Exposure

Since starting Reach three months ago, The Exchange Church has more than tripled their exposure on Facebook. They now reach over 85,000 people a week with Facebook check-ins. And they keep welcoming new members as a result. “We’ve noticed a huge increase in Facebook likes, shares, emails, and visitors. Reach has literally blown up our Facebook page, which has helped grow our community,” said Jarrod.


“Reach is so effective because each check-in is a personal endorsement,” Jarrod explained. “People trust personal recommendations. So after they see a Facebook check-in [at The Exchange Church], they check us out online and then come to visit.” In the short time that The Exchange Church has been using Reach, Jarrod estimates that more than 30 community members created a new Facebook account just so they could check in and support Kingdom-building causes.


“We had couples who shared a Facebook account or teenagers who had not gotten permission to open one. They all told me they created an account just to check-in at our church. [Reach] is so powerful. It gets everyone excited about checking-in, growing our community, and supporting great causes.

Now Everyone Can Participate In Missions

Jarrod also loves how Reach makese it simple to support a new cause each month. “Missions are one of our core values, and Reach makes it all so easy. They find the cause, they send us the promotional material, and they make sure our check-ins support the cause,” Jarrod said. “I couldn’t be happier with the way Reach helps us do missions and grow our church at the same time.


“If you’re leading a church and not using Reach, you’re probably not serious about growing your church plant community,” Jarrod explained. "That's why I recommend Reach to all the church leaders in my network."

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