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How Shift Church Reaches 50,000 People Every Month

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Shift Church faced the same challenge that all churches face--growing membership. But when they saw the value of Facebook check-ins, they shifted their approach to harness the power of Facebook. Here's how they did it. 

Why Shift Church Saw Value In Facebook

When Lead Pastor, Brad Zachritz, researched best practices for church planting, he found that Facebook check-ins would the best way to reach the most people. Why? Facebook check-ins provide a ton of valuable information about your church. Each check-in contains a link to your church's Facebook page, a map of your church's location, and displays your church's Facebook rating. Since every Facebook check-in is typically seen by about 200 friends, they're a powerful way to generate friend-to-friend recommendations.

"When it comes to posting on Facebook, if you don’t pay for your exposure, your posts won’t be seen,” Brad said. "That’s why we focused our early efforts on getting our members to check in on Facebook.”


With Reach, every Facebook check in at Shift Church supports a Kingdom-building cause.

Brad was on the right track by trying to get his community to check in on Facebook. But actually getting his community to check-in was tougher than he anticipated. “We couldn’t seem to get the momentum we needed to make the check-ins work. We didn’t have anything to motivate them."

Reach Motivated Members to Check In 

When Brad heard about Reach, he knew it would help him get his community excited about checking in on Facebook. Why? For every Facebook check-in at Shift, Reach makes a donation to a Kingdom-building cause. It’s the perfect way for Brad to combine missions and outreach into a single, effective program. Brad soon realized that with a little money, his church could reach thousands of people. Not only did it make sense, it wouldn't crush his budget (phew).   


We asked Brad about his experience with Reach. "It helps us show people that our church prioritizes doing good. It makes our community a place where people want to worship,” Brad told us. “Reach is the best way to do outreach, and I recommend it whenever I can.

Direct Results From Reach

After a few months of using Reach, Shift Church more than doubled its Facebook visibility. They now reach more than 50,000 people each month. As that number has grown… so has membership. Brad explained. “Each and every check-in makes a difference, and that’s what our community loves. Our members can’t wait to check in and help change the world.”


“Reach helps us get the word out about our church. Every time a member checks in, their post shows up in countless News Feeds,” Brad explained. “Studies show that it takes as many as ten touches before you’re able to make a connection with someone. With Reach, we can reach ten touches very quickly.”


Shift Church doubled its Facebook visibility by partnering with Reach.

Extending Outreach Beyond Sunday

Shift Church experienced an unexpected benefit from using Reach. Brad fully expected to see check-ins on Sunday mornings, but he didn’t expect Reach to generate check-ins during the rest of the week.

“Small group members kept approaching me to ask if they could also check-in for their weekday meetings. They wondered if a weekday check-in would help feed kids too, and I told them absolutely,” Instead of just relying on Sunday morning attendance to generate check-ins, Reach spreads the love throughout the whole week, which can double, even triple, check-ins for you congregation.

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