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How Bear Creek Church Mixes Outreach With Social Justice


(Pictured: David Welch, Head Pastor)

Brief Bio

  • Name of Organization: Bear Creek Church 
  • Name of Leader Interviewed: Tim Hill, Administrative Pastor
  • Years in Existence: 35 years 
  • Location: Katy, TX
  • Biggest Challenge: Effective outreach online and building community

Bear Creek's Challenges

Bear Creek Church has a committed congregation of 2,600+ people on any given Sunday. But like many churches, Bear Creek has struggled to find effective ways to do outreach and build a strong sense of community. 

After years of investing in traditional outreach (mailers, handouts, magazine ads, etc), the leadership team at Bear Creek realized the need to create a digital presence. Tim Hill, the Administrative Pastor, pinpointed a major challenge with traditional outreach. "We can't track it," he said. "We do it because it gets our church's name out there." Tim knew that a digital presence needed to be a part of their outreach strategy.  

Mixing Outreach and Social Justice 

Tim was initially attracted to Reach's ability to connect with people on Facebook, the most widely used digital platform today. He saw members of other churches checking-in on Facebook, increasing their church's visibility and online engagement. It was exactly what he was hoping to accomplish for Bear Creek. When he learned that Facebook check-ins with Reach support social justice efforts, it sealed the deal. "The fact that our investment on outreach was going towards a cause every month was appealing," said Tim.  It was a great way to provide another way for the congregation to serve others. 

Last month, the Bear Creek community made a significant contribution to Compassion InternationalWe were grateful to hear from Jeanne Wilkinson, Corporate Relations Director at Compassion International. She said, "First, what amazing results! I appreciate the excellence with which Reach by Causely represents our mission. I am both speechless and grateful for the resources we will have to provide moms and babies with the nourishment they need.  Second, the reach numbers are stunning – what a blessing to both the churches and to Reach that people are connecting and relating.” 

In addition, Bear Creek nearly doubled the number of people they reach on Facebook. 


Stronger Community with Reach 

Since creating a social media presence with Reach, Tim has noticed that his community is even more engaged. "People love our church and Reach provides another outlet for members to talk about it. Reach has helped create a camaraderie among members," Tim said. Reach gives church members another opportunity to give back and invite people to the place they worship, just by checking in on Facebook. 


Tim also told us that when members check in, they love to talk about the program. With Reach, people can share what they are excited about: doing good with their church community. "It's vital for our members to do good together," said Tim. 


A final word from Tim and the leadership team: 

"Reach is a worthwhile way of doing outreach. You get a lot of bang for your buck. And attaching it to social justice is key. Any church trying Reach needs to make it a part of their weekly message. The beauty of it is that you can talk about the difference Facebook check-ins will make in the lives of other. With Reach people will hear the Gospel and act on it right then." 

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