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7 Church Planters Who Benefit From Reach


Reach by Causely partners with hundreds of church planters to help them connect more people to Christ and build stronger faith communities. To give you an idea of what our churches experience with Reach, we gathered quotes from 7 of our partners. Here's what they had to say.

1. Tim Hill — Bear Creek Church 

One of the biggest challenges of the local Church is reaching enough people. Since 90% of people claim they attend a church just because someone invited them, we know personal invitations are the best way to connect with more people. With Reach, people can invite their friends to church and support kingdom building causes by checking in on Facebook. Tim Hill at Bear Creek Church told us why his community enjoys checking in. 

Build Community At Your Church (Read Tim's full story here)

2. Jimmy McDonald — New Freedom Church 

With Reach, churches can encourage and equip members to talk about their faith online. Every time members check in on Facebook, they're sharing their passion for their church community, which is the best way to spread the word about your church. Jimmy McDonald of New Freedom Church experienced this in his community. 

Share Your Faith (Read Jimmy's full story here)

3. Tom Hogsed — The Summit Church 

Mixing outreach with missions is a great way to keep your church community involved and engaged. Tom Hogsed of The Summit Church already had a community devoted to service. Reach was an easy extension of their mission to serve. 

Invite More People To Church (Read Tom's full story here)

4. Brad Zachritz — Shift Church 

People are attracted to churches that live out the Great Commission. With Reach, congregations can live it out in a small way every Sunday. Brad Zacharitz from Shift Church experienced this type of outreach with this community and recommends the program. 

More Effective Outreach (Reach Brad's full story here)

5. Jarrod Brooke — The Exchange Church 

Because Reach focuses on Facebook check-ins, our church partners see increased visibility on Facebook. Jarrod Brooks at The Exchange Church is able to reach 85,000 people each week with Facebook check-ins and has welcomed numerous new families to the community. 

Reach More People On Facebook (Read Jarrod's full story here)

6. Robert Racoma — CityReach Church Forest Hills 

Robert Racoma of CityReach Church Forest Hills was able to cut $1,000 out of his outreach budget by partnering with Reach. And the even better news? By spending less, he was able to reach more people. 

Save Money on Outreach (Read Robert's fully story here)

7. Johnny Kelly — Discover Family Church 

During the summer, Reach can be a great resource for drawing in new people to your community without spending a fortune on advertising. Johnny Kelly at Discover Family Church wasn't seeing much success with traditional advertising, tried Reach, and welcomed 30 new members to his community. 

Reach_Quotes_8.png (Read Johnny's full story here)

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