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How This Church Serves Their Local Community and Beyond

"If you aren't using Reach by Causely, you're living in the 18th Century," said Charlie Shaw, Executive Pastor of Blessed Hope Church in Danville, VA.  Charlie knows that, in 2016, one of the best ways to start conversations about your church is by connecting with people on Facebook and Instagram. That's why he partners with Reach.

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How Facebook Check-Ins Help 'Save The Children'

Our Reach Community has done a lot of good through people's dedication to supporting causes by checking in on Facebook. To celebrate the amazing work we've done in the world, we're excited to shine a spotlight on our non-profit partner, Save the Children.  

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Why Cross Church Focuses on Giving Back and Measuring Success

"The value of Causely is that it helps our campuses support charity while also getting the word out about our church," said Tim Rhodus, pastor of Cross Church's two campuses in Illinois. Tim figured out that the ability to support missions and gaining local visibility are vital but hadn't found an affordable outlet for either until he hear about Causely. 

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7 Church Planters Who Benefit From Reach

Reach by Causely partners with hundreds of church planters to help them connect more people to Christ and build stronger faith communities. To give you an idea of what our churches experience with Reach, we gathered quotes from 7 of our partners. Here's what they had to say.

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[MONTHLY RECAP] June 2016 - Soles4Souls

For the month of June, we were honored to support (again) a non-profit called Soles4Souls to provide shoes for people in need. And we are thrilled to announce that the Reach community checked in on Facebook to provide 12,956 pairs of shoes! 

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6 Simple Tools For Communicating With Your Church Staff

You meet with your team and plan the service for the following Sunday. You think you've done a fantastic job of communicating with your church staff... until the proverbial wrench hits the fan. Then even Plan B is out, and you’re scrambling to regroup.

Has this ever happened to you?

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How Bear Creek Church Mixes Outreach With Social Justice

(Pictured: David Welch, Head Pastor)

Brief Bio

  • Name of Organization: Bear Creek Church 
  • Name of Leader Interviewed: Tim Hill, Administrative Pastor
  • Years in Existence: 35 years 
  • Location: Katy, TX
  • Biggest Challenge: Effective outreach online and building community
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[MONTHLY RECAP] May 2016 - Compassion International

During the month of May, we had the privilege of supporting an incredible non-profit called Compassion International. And we are proud to announce that the Reach community checked in on Facebook to provide 28,575 days of food for mothers and their children! 

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[PODCAST] How Churches Can Reach More People With Facebook w/Jeff Presley from Reach

We were recently honored to have one of our own, Jeff Presley—Customer Success Extraordinaire, featured as a guest on the Church Branding Guide's podcast to talk about how churches can use Facebook to have a greater reach (our favorite topic). 

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[MONTHLY RECAP] April 2016 - feedONE

This April, the Reach community provided 60,080 meals to children in need through feedONE. With Reach, check-ins support great causes and gently invite people to where you worship. To learn how Reach can help grow your church, click here.

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How to Post Live Video of Your Church on Facebook

News just in: you can now post live videos on Facebook! It's kind of like hosting your own talk show. Like Kramer, except for real. 

With live videos, you can share exactly what you're doing at any given second of the day. Should your church consider live video? If you think that providing your community with personal, real-time access to services and church events would keep them more engaged, then the answer is YES.

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How New Freedom Church Reached 15,000 People in One Day

New Freedom Church, a struggling church plant tucked away in an industrial park, needed to hit the refresh button. They had 35 members and no way to find their location without a GPS. When Jimmy McDonald became the pastor, he immediately saw growth opportunities. Fortunately, Reach provided part of the solution.

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[PODCAST] Leave Your Ego at the Door w/ Josh Peigh

Josh Peigh is the lead pastor at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. In our latest episode of Church Planter's Guide To The Galaxy, Drew and Jeff interview Josh about his "no-ego" approach to church planting. And how Heartland Community Church, a multisite church, has been crazy successful with this style of leadership.

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[MONTHLY RECAP] March 2016 - Children's Health Fund

Last month the Reach community provided 40,677 vitamins to impoverished children through our partnership with Children's Health Fund. With Reach, check-ins do more that just show people were you worship, they support great causes. To learn how Reach can help grow your church, click here.

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[ebook] Brand Yourself: A Church Planter's Guide for Building a Successful Church Brand 

Learn how building a strong brand can grow your church.

With this free guide, we’ve outlined five essential tips for building a successful church brand. Each tip walks you through the importance of branding and how it can draw new members into your community.

Download your free guide now to spread God’s word with a strong brand. 

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Why The Summit Church Chose Reach Over Mailers

When Summit Church struck out on their own, as an off-shoot from a larger campus, they expected immediate growth. Fresh church. Fresh community. Flocks of members. But, as most church start-ups experience, things didn't happen that way. It took a lot of mistakes, a lot of hard work, and a lot of wasted outreach dollars. And for The Summit Church, it took Reach. 

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Men or Women...Who's Listening to You on Facebook?

To be heard on Facebook, you'll have to don the superhero cape in your closet and twirl a sign on the side of the road.  Kidding! (but we hope you wear your cape more often). 

Seriously though, to be heard, you have to know whom you’re talking to. While it would be great to know every detail about your audience, you’d be surprised how many churches overlook one of the basics: gender.

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6 Benefits a Church Experiences with Reach

We've got some rockstar church partners who have seen amazing benefits from using Reach. To shine a spotlight on their efforts and what they've experienced, we created a fancy infographic! 

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[Monthly Recap] February 2016 - buildOn

Last month the Reach community of 600 churches,  provided 98,346 days of school for children in need, just by checking in on Facebook. With Reach, check-ins do more that just show people were you go to church, they support great causes like buildOn. To read more about how Reach can help grow your church from the inside out, click here

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Five Tips for Building a Successful Church Brand

Does your church have a name and a logo? Then, guess what... your church has a brand. But if you've moved branding to the bottom of your priority list, you might want to rethink that approach.

Your church's brand affects how people think and feel about you. It can either draw people in or turn them away. When church branding is done well, it's a powerful way to reach more people. 

Whatever your outreach goals are, developing the right brand for your church will only help you share Jesus' message with more people. To help you develop a good brand for your church, we put together five simple branding tips for church planters that will help you connect with more people

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How Shift Church Reaches 50,000 People Every Month

Shift Church faced the same challenge that all churches face--growing membership. But when they saw the value of Facebook check-ins, they shifted their approach to harness the power of Facebook. Here's how they did it. 

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[PODCAST] Overcoming the Challenges of Church Planting w/ Jason Mitchem of Revivify Church

In Episode 2 of The Church Planter’s Guide To the Galaxy, we’ll talk to Jason Mitchem, lead pastor of Revivify Church in Augusta, GA. Jason planted Revivify over 5 years ago and has since built a thriving community. But the road there was anything but easy. Today Jason will share how he’s overcome some of the challenges of starting a new church.

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[Webinar] How To Turn Social Media Into Effective Outreach

If you want to reach more people, then you need to place your messages where people are listening. And today, the majority of adults are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If your church doesn't have a social media voice, then you're missing a major opportunity to connect with people.

Register now to learn easy-to-implement social media ideas you put to use immediatey. Whether social media is completely new to you or you just want to be more effective at what you already do, this webinar will help you reach more people. 

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How Many People Does Your Church Reach On Facebook? Here's How To Find out.

Since so many people use Facebook, it’s worth learning how to reach more people with your church's Facebook posts. In this article, we'll start by showing you how to use Facebook Insights to see how well your posts are performing. We'll then show you when the best time to post on Facebook is. Put these two pieces together and you'll start seeing some major improvements in your social media outreach.

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Podcast Episode 1 - Advice From A Veteran Church Planter w/ Mike Breaux

In this launch episode of The Church Planters's Guide to the Galaxy, we'll hear from Mike Breaux, a veteran church planter, teaching pastor, author, and speaker. Mike will share his thoughts on what it was like to start a church in a new part of the country with a young family. He'll also share some of the lessons he's learned from working with many influential churches across the country.

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This Church Swore Off Mailers Forever. Here's Why.

What do you do when it's 2016 but your outreach is stuck on mailers that worked in the 1990s? Well, if you asked Larry Lacefield, founder and lead pastor of Restoration Church in Granite City, IL, he'd tell you to reinvent your outreach. Larry saw a 5x increase in exposure, all while saving thousands of dollars a year. Here's his story... but we warn you, it might make you swear off mailers forever.

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Reach 2015 Giving Recap

Our Reach community did some amazing things last year, like delivering over 244,000 gallons of safe drinking water and providing more than 11,000 days of care for children in poverty. All those Facebook check-ins at our partner churches really added up to make a big difference! 

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7 Pieces of Advice From 2 Of Our Favorite Church Planters

Jason Mitchem and Mike Breaux are two of our favorite church planters. Why? They always have good advice to share. Jason's the lead pastor at Revivify Church in Martinez, GA, and Mike is a veteran church planter and teaching pastor at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. We recently asked them what they would do differently if they were planting a church for the very first time.

Here's what they had to say...

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4 Books Every Church Planter Should Read In 2016

As we approach the New Year, we’re often drawn to new sources of inspiration and ideas for doing things better. For that reason, we created this list of some of our favorite books.  Each of them has the potential to help you reach more people and make 2016 the best year ever for your church.

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Small Church, Big Outreach. How One Texas Pastor Reaches Thousands

Launching a church plant is exciting but exhausting. And while the preparation is tough, building the community itself can be even more daunting. At least, that's how Pastor Jarrod Brooks felt as he launched The Exchange Church in Humble TX. Fortunately, Jarrod heard about Reach early on. He decided to use the program to fuel his young church's outreach efforts and quickly reached thousands of people in his community. Here's how he did it.

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[eBook] The Quick-Start Guide For Multi-Site Churches

This free resource answers three of the most common questions pastors face when starting a campus: "Who should I hire?", "Should I use video teaching?", and "How should I handle social media?" In just 15 minutes, you'll gain new insights that will help you be even more effective at serving others. 

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How Multi-Site Churches Do Social Media

Social media is essential to keeping a multi-site church connected. But how do you use social media to unite multiple locations while also allowing each campus to have its own voice? Should you keep all of the focus on the main campus’s social media, or branch out with individual social media accounts?

There are no obvious answers, but we used our experience helping multi-site churches use social media to highlight some best practices for you.

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How To Build A Community When Your Church Is New

As a new church plant, one of your greatest challenges is getting the word out about your church. Traditional outreach is a slow and frustrating process. You can mail out fliers, but they get tucked away with the rest of the “junk mail.” Billboard ads are expensive, radio ads get tuned out, and websites are only helpful once a person knows about your church.

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Video vs Live Teaching - Which is Right For Your Church?

It’s the age-old decade-old debate... is live teaching better than using video feed for multi-site churches? The answer isn't obvious. According to a 2013 survey conducted by Leadership Network, 27% of multi-site churches use mostly video-based teaching, 46% use only live teaching, and 34% use a combination of the two.

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The 3 Most Important Hires For Your Multi-Site Church

Like it or not, multi-site churches are here to stay. And they’re no longer just a staple of the mega-church that's outgrown their main campus. Today, smaller churches - even relatively new church plants - are "going multi-site" to better serve (and reach) new communities. In fact, according to Lifeway Research, over 5 million people attend services at over 8,000 multi-site churches every weekend.

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6 Ingredients For a Healthy Mobile Church

Like so many things in life, the recipe for the perfect mobile church has several critical, but interrelated parts. To reach more people and grow your community, you'll need to get them all right.

Today’s blog post talks about each of the critical elements that go into creating and engaging mobile church. Our hope is that these points will help you reach more people with your mobile church.

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[eBook] The Startup Church: 3 Lessons For Growing Church Plants

As a church planter, you're building in the face of uncertainty. That makes you a lot like a startup.

To help you succeed in growing your church plant, we took one of the best-written startup books out there and broke it down into three key lessons for church planters.

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The 15 Social Media Metrics That Every Church Planter Needs To Know

Social media is a great tool for growing a church plant community. But to have success using it, you need to monitor your metrics. Your metrics give you all the insight you need to guide your posts, interactions, and advertisements for maximum engagement and reach.

For instance, if you post a scripture quote with an image and it gets a lot of engagement, you’ll want to post more like it. But if you post your worship music list and it feels like you hear crickets chirping, you probably won’t want to post the same type of post without making some changes.

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3 Reasons Pastors Rock (and How to Get a Free Month of Reach)

In case you haven’t heard (come out from under the rock, already) it’s Pastor Appreciation Month. And while we appreciate pastors all year-long, we especially love them in the month of October, because that’s what society has told us to do :).

So in the spirit of Pastor Appreciation Month, and at the risk of over-inflating egos, we put together our "Top 3 Reasons Why Pastors Are Incredible And We'd Be Totally Lost Without Them". Or just "3 Reasons Why Pastors Rock".

Because we love pastors so much, any church who signs up for Reach during Pastor Appreciation Month will get their first month of Reach for free. Just a small gift from us to you, because you’re awesome. All you have to do is mention this blog post when you join (click here for details).

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How One Church Plant Saved $1,000 Every Month On Outreach

You’ve been called to spread the Gospel with more people in your city, but growing your church plant with traditional outreach is a slow and frustrating process. The good news, beyond the gospel, of course, is that building your church plant community doesn’t have to be that hard.

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How Hipster Pastor Are You?

Flannel shirts, black-rimmed glasses, skinny jeans tucked into vintage Reebok Pumps. These, along with many others, are the tell-tale signs of a hipster pastor. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you quality as a #hipsterpastor, take a look at the questions below:

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5 Things I Wish I Understood Before I Started My Church

Today's post is written by Mike Breaux, teaching pastor at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. Before joining Heartland, Mike was teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL, and senior pastor at Southland Christian Church in his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. He is the author of Making Ripples and Identity Theft.

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[Infographic] The History of Outreach

From the Old Testament days to the 21st century, church leaders have changed the way they approach outreach activities. What worked for Moses didn't work for the Romans, and what worked for them somehow isn't working today (what with the lions and all).

We wanted to share a (humorous) timeline of the history of outreach to help you, the church leader, make the best decisions on how to effectively reach people in a new, modern world. Spoiler alert... carrier pigeons are outdated.

Click the image below for a full-size version:

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[eBook] The Church Planter's Guide to Social Media

If you're trying to reach people in your community, you know that you need to use social media. But the trick is knowing how to use each social network correctly. In our new resource, we'll show you how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to improve your outreach programs. Here's what we'll cover:

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How To Turn A "No Thanks..." Into "See You At Church!”

Recently I noticed that one of my friends kept posting on Facebook to rave about an amazing product. I was intrigued. She said this product transformed her life and offered to tell me more about it. But as I continued reading, I realized there was more to the story. Turns out my friend recently became a distributor for the product. My enthusiasm evaporated. I even felt a bit manipulated.

Has that ever happened to you?

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Avoid Church Planter Burnout With These 7 Tips

As a church planter, you’re especially vulnerable to burnout. You’re building your team, working long hours, and wearing many hats. And you’re always "on". That's the perfect recipe for church planter burnout.

While you might get by on adrenaline and caffeine for a few months, that's not sustainable. Even the most enthusiastic church planters can burn out if they're not careful. To help you stay sane, here are a few tips for helping you march on, day after day. 

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How To Welcome New Visitors At Your Church Plant

You’ve heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come.” That’s true when you have the right outreach in place, but it’s not the endgame. Once you have visitors through the door, you need to convince them to make your community their new church home. Here's how to do exactly that...

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This Church Plant Built a Thriving Community With Facebook

Direct mail, print ads, radio, and TV commercials … traditional advertising can be a helpful tool for someone who's selling cars or opening a restaurant. But it’s not an ideal way to reach people and tell them about your church, especially during summertime when no one is listening. Discover Family Church realized this early on and took action. 

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How to Create Facebook Content Your Church Can Be Proud Of

When people want to find out about your church, the first place they'll look is social media. How do you know if you're making a great first impression? Sharing the right kind of content can make all the difference. In today's post we want to show you how to reach more people with great content on your Facebook page.

We're fans of social media and its power to drive your outreach, so we're going to talk to you today about posting on Facebook like a pro. In our future blog posts we'll talk about Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to sign up to receive all our updates.

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Your Outreach Won’t Work Without Trust

Advertising is at the heart of church outreach activities. I know we often don’t think of it that way, but it’s true. You tell people about your community and invite them to join you. It surely doesn’t feel like traditional Don Draper style advertising, but it is. Watch, I’ll prove it.

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New Resource for Church Leaders - Volunteers : How to Get Them and Keep Them

Finding and managing volunteers is always a challenge for church leadership teams. But without volunteer time and talent, it's almost impossible to have a successful church community.

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How to Reach More People by Boosting Facebook Posts

Remember the good old days when you could post something on Facebook and everyone saw it? Yeah, me too.

I also remember back when Facebook was new and people used to laugh at the prospect of it ever being a business that made money. Guess no one is questioning it now.

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9 Steps To Build a Great Church Launch Team

Building a team of talented and committed people is a top challenge for church leaders. If you’re a planter, you need to quickly assemble a team to accomplish all the work that must be done before you hold your first service. If you’re a pastor of an existing church, you need to think ahead because you will experience turnover. 80% of launch team members leave the team after a year or two, so there’s no way around it.

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How One Church Increased Attendance By Getting Rid of Direct Mail

One of the biggest challenges church planters face is finding creative ways to spread the word about their church to build a community. Revivify, a young non-denominational church in Martinez, GA, was confronting the same challenge. But thanks to the power of referrals, fueled by a desire to help those in need, the Revivify community is rapidly growing.

We spoke with co-founder and lead pastor, Jason Mitchem, to find out how they were able to overcome the challenge. Here’s what we learned:

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How to Promote Your Church Event with Facebook

What's the best way to get people to attend an event that your church is promoting? Mailers? Phone calls? Fax machine? Carrier pigeon? We tried all of those, and trust us, none of them work very well. Pigeon carrier rates are getting really out of hand these days. 

A better idea is to use Facebook Events. They're a great way to target exactly the people you want to reach, without spending a ton of money on mailers or other advertisements. That makes them one of the best ways to promote your church events.

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Reach Profiles - Josh Mauney of TurningPoint Church

What's it like to be a pastor using Reach? We asked Josh Mauney, lead Pastor of TurningPoint Church in Lexington, KY to find out. In addition to being the leader of his church, Josh is heavily involved in ARC. He's also an all-around great guy. Click the thumbnail below to read our quick interview with Josh.

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5 Things Church Leaders Can Learn From Jurassic World

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Jurassic Park geek. After all, my formative years took place in the 90’s. Spliced between episodes of Saved By The Bell were images of a giant, once-extinct T-Rex taking out his aggression on a Ford Explorer.

So to say the least, I’d been anxiously anticipating the release of the new Jurassic World movie - along with a billion other people, apparently. With Jurassic World's smashing success, there has to be some lessons we can learn from the movie, right? 

To find out, I watched it again (in 3D, of course), but this time, with a church leader’s perspective in mind. Here are 5 lessons I was able to learn:

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Facebook Page vs Church Website - Which Is More Important for growing a church plant?

There’s a battle raging in Church staff meetings all across America. An online presence is essential for growing a church plant, everyone agrees. But which area do you focus on? Do you spend your time, energy, and resources on creating an awesome website and leave the cover photo blank on the Facebook page? Or do you rock out the Facebook page with pictures, videos and engaging content and leave all that clip art up on the website? Last one standing wins.

It’s time to stop all the fighting. There’s no need for staff meeting battles. The reality of the situation is your Facebook page and website are equally important when used correctly. And utilizing them correctly involves each complementing the other, not competing.

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Want To Grow Your Church? Start By Spending Less On Marketing

We hear from a lot of churches who struggle to find church outreach ideas that are proven and worthwhile. This feeling doesn’t come from poor results from campaigns or bad metrics, instead it's mostly because the majority of marketing programs churches are using don’t provide any trackable statistics at all.

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How Reach Helped Exponential Increase Facebook Engagement by 6,000%

On April 28th, we formally launched Reach at the Exponential East conference in Tampa, Florida. For those not familiar with Exponential, it is one of the largest gatherings of church planters globally, drawing nearly 5,000 planters together each year. We were fortunate enough to partner with Exponential to turn every Facebook check-in during the conference into real world good for people in need.

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How To Improve Church Attendance: The Story of Heartland Community Church

  ”Our generation isn’t standing at their mailboxes. They’re on social media - that’s where the word needs to be spread.”

Those words are from Josh Peigh, lead pastor of Heartland Community Church in Rockford, Illinois, and they have never been more true.

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This Church Changed Its Outreach Strategy... And Never Looked Back

What if I told you that this weekend, nearly half of your congregation would tell their friends about your church? And not just one or two friends - they’d be recommending you to around 200 people, each. You’d most likely call me crazy, but in a nice way, like eccentric.

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The Value of a Facebook Check-In

Imagine that you were trying to create the ultimate social media post to promote your church. What kind of information would you include? Location? Ratings? Friends who have been there? Photos of your community? 

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