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5 Things Church Leaders Can Learn From Jurassic World

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Jurassic Park geek. After all, my formative years took place in the 90’s. Spliced between episodes of Saved By The Bell were images of a giant, once-extinct T-Rex taking out his aggression on a Ford Explorer.

So to say the least, I’d been anxiously anticipating the release of the new Jurassic World movie - along with a billion other people, apparently. With Jurassic World's smashing success, there has to be some lessons we can learn from the movie, right? 

To find out, I watched it again (in 3D, of course), but this time, with a church leader’s perspective in mind. Here are 5 lessons I was able to learn:

#1 - Don't create your own dinosaurs.

There’s a better way to get people in the door than tricks or gimmicks. I know it’s tempting, especially during the summer when the whole congregation is on vacation, but as we learned in Jurassic World, that new, shiny attraction may also end up eating people. 

Takeaway: Just because something is new and exciting doesn’t always mean it’s the best decision.


#2 - The "Velociraptors" is a winning name for your softball team.

If you’ve been kicking around name ideas for the softball team, look no further than the "Velociraptors". Imagine the look on the First Baptist Holy Batter’s faces when you show up in these shirts. The same is true for the name of your church: the right name can draw people in; the wrong one can turn people away.

Takeaway: A good church name can make a great first impression.


#3 - John Williams should be in charge of music.

Tell your search committee they can take a vacation. John Williams may be hard to get, but it’s worth it. 20 years later, his dramatic "Jurassic Park" theme is back at #1 on the Billboard charts. Think of how proud your grandmother will be that you’re finally singing songs written over 20 years ago.

Takeaway: When things are done with excellence from the beginning, they can stand the test of time.


#4 - That church van isn't as good at outrunning dinosaurs as a motorcycle.

While vans boast features like seating for several people, doors, and a roof, they really aren't well suited to dinosaur-related escapes. Take a close look at your church's fleet of vehicles to make sure you've made the right choices.

Lesson: Switch to motorcycles if you're concerned that dinosaurs might be present in your area.


#5 - In the face of criticism (and dinosaurs), stand your ground.

Apparently if you just hold your hands out while wearing a sweet vest, the raptors won’t attack you. Neither will your critics. Keep this in mind the next time a negative email hits the inbox. Instead of running, roll up your sleeves, strap on your leather vest, and stand your ground.

Takeaway: Not dealing with problems head-on only makes those problems grow.


Have more takeaways from Jurassic World that I can share? Send me at note at drew@causely.com. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, go watching a time or three this weekend.

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