Analytics Dashboard

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Analytics Dashboard

We built an awesome dashboard for two reasons: to provide you with all the content you need to engage your community and give you the real-time insights you need to track your performance. Let’s dive in a little deeper, or click the link to take a tour of the dashboard.


You don’t need to worry about creating social media content on your own - we do it all for you. With our monthly content pack, you can share ready-made content (videos, images, emails, etc.) directly to your Facebook pages. We collect assets from our non-profit partners and create the content for you, so there’s no better way to engage your community. Check out Monthly Content Pack to learn more.


Want to know how you’re performing with a click of a button? We take care of that as well. In the dashboard, you’ll be able to cycle through daily numbers of Facebook impressions, check-ins, and page likes. Boom.

Need more details? See Facebook Insights.

See how Causely can help increase social media referrals, engage with your community, and give back.

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