4-6x increase in expsosure

Using cause is such an effective incentive that Sojo customers typically see their Facebook impressions skyrocket.

feature1-small  Word-of-mouth rules

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends over all other forms of media.

feature1-small  Major real world impact

Consumers and Sojo-empowered businesses alike love being able to support great causes through simple, everyday actions.

Simple, effective word-of-mouth marketing for ecommerce.

Sojo helps you get discovered by driving Facebook Shares and Likes for your products. How? Our promise is simple: each time your customers talk about your business with friends, a great cause receives a donation.


Ready to Get Started?

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The Results Speak for Themselves

Cumulative Facebook Product Shares – Before/After Sojo


How Sojo Works

number-1    Get your hands on some Sojo. In less than five minutes you’ll have a unique Sojo widget that’s ready to roll. 

When Kill Cliff started using Sojo, nearly 50% of shoppers shared their purchase on Facebook over a three-month period.Sojo helped [us] work with our customers to expand our reach online while doing real world good.

Baker Leavitt – Head of Marketing at Kill Cliff and former Navy Seal

number-2    Turn on the Sojo. Paste your Sojo code wherever you’d like to start encouraging Likes and Shares. Kids and kittens everywhere will start singing your praises.

number-3    Celebrate. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the exposure generated for your site and the good the commmunity has accomplished. Welcome to Sojo Nation!

Businesses Love Sojo

Consumers Love Sojo

Consumers love talking about businesses that use Sojo – where else can they do something good just by Sharing their purchase on Facebook?


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