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True or False? Your Gym Should be on Instagram

Gym_Marketing_InstagramThere are 400 million users on Instagram. That's 17.8% of the world's population. Over 80 million photos are shared every day. That's almost 1,000 photos a second. And these stats are growing every day.  

It's hard to argue Instagram's popularity. After all, even Pope Francis is on Instagram. But that doesn't mean it's a good fit for your gym. To help you decide, we put together a little game to test your knowledge about this fast-growing social media channel. Hopefully, these questions will get you thinking differently about Instagram.

Disclaimer: We're a little biased. Just roll with it. 

True or False? Instagram is Just for Selfies and Food

False. There are plenty of selfies and burgers on Instagram, which is why many companies don't think Instagram is worthwhile. The truth is that Instagram is blank canvas when it comes to content; you can post whatever you want and whenever you want. Truly! Whether you're a tech company, restaurant, or gym, you can post what matters most to your company. If you don't have a product to spotlight, get creative. Focus on your company's culture. Show your members crushing 500 push ups. Make fun of yourself. At Sweat Angels, we post quirky office happenings like this. Instagram can enhance your branding, visually (everybody loves a selfie).


True or False? I Have to Spend Money to Make it Work

False again. Instagram is free to download, free to use, free, free, free. You can, of course spend money on Instagram ads, but there are plenty of successful accounts without a budget (like this one). However, a small budget can go a long way on Instagram, like choreographer and dancer Eric Underwood, recently featured on the Instagram blog. Instagram's numbers are impressive and increasing, up 200% since 2012. Because so many people love it, it's easier to gain a following. 

True or False? Instagram is for Photos Only

And false again. Instagram started out as just photos. But now you can post 15-second videos!  Also, many companies post text instead of photos. It's a great platform for sharing motivational content like quotes, checklists, goals, etc. If you can make it fit in a square, you can post it on Instagram. It's also helpful for advertising events, running campaigns, and increasing follower engagement. 

Instagram_PostThis post got 500 hearts!

True or False? Instagram Users are Super Engaged

True! There was a study done by Forrester titled, "Instagram is The King of Social Engagement." They found that the top brands on Instagram saw "58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter." 

However, don't be too fooled by this. Instagram might have more engagement per follower, but it's passive engagement. This means all they do is "heart" and comment. With Facebook, followers Like, share, comment, and check-in, which go a lot further than just "hearting" an image on Instagram. 

True or False? Instagram Doesn't Have Analytics

True. There are no analytics within Instagram. NBD. There are other programs available, such as Iconosquare, Simply Measured, and Union Metrics. If you want to track something, you can with a little extra effort. 

True or False? Millennials are Ditching Facebook and Joining Instagram

False. False. False. Many people think young people have left Facebook for the shiny new Snapchat and Instagram, but actually "millennials spend more than 2.5 times as many minutes in Facebook as they do in its closest competitor — Snapchat. Facebook-owned Instagram is a very close third" (Wagner, 2016).  Instagram has a lot of millennials, but not all of them. Here's a graph to show you just how many young people are still choose Facebook over Instagram. 


True or False? Instagram Does Actually Have Drawbacks

True. There are a few drawbacks to Instagram. The major one being that Instagram is great for general awareness, but not necessarily for referrals. It allows for people to "heart" your posts, but not much else. In other words, it's passive marketing. Here are few other drawbacks: 

  • You can caption a photo on Instagram, but you can't include a live link. The place for live links is your profile. Many users will say "link in profile" to direct people to the right spot.
  • The app is only available on a smartphone. So, if you don't have a smartphone, you can't access it. 90% of people own a cell phone, and 64% of them own a smartphone.
  • Instagram doesn't share practical information about your business, such as location or organizational rating. Compare that to a Facebook Check-in, which does show this information and much more.

True or False? Instagram is the Only Social Media Channel My Gym Needs

So. Incredibly. False. Instagram might be great for awareness and engagement, but it's not a
one-and-done kind of deal. It's more of a supplement. Just like you wouldn't replace your iPhone with your iPad, you wouldn't trade in all the social media outlets for just one. To be heard over all the online clutter, you've got to play the whole social media game, not just part of it. We recommend looking at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

So, Whatcha Think? 

We warned you we were a little biased. But it's really for your benefit. There are definitely serious drawbacks to using Instagram, especially if it's the ONLY social media channel you use. We recommend trying it out along with all the others.  Just keep in mind that it will only be effective if you actually post. If you do make an account, be sure to give it some time each week. The average American checks his phone 46 times a day. That means at least 1 out of the 46 could be to post on Instagram. Careful, it's addicting.  

Just for fun, here's Rolling Stone's Top 100 Instagram Accounts.  

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