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[PODCAST] Run Your Gym Like a Business w/David Ferguson

Are you thinking about expanding your gym to another location? Great, but have you thought about everything an expansion entails? What about parking and staff training?

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[PODCAST] Is Your Gym Missing Out By Not Selling Retail? w/Dave Colina

Dave Colina is the owner of Formula O2 recovery drink and gym retailer extraordinaire. In our latest episode of Gym Owners Guide To The Galaxy, Dave, Matt and John talk about the benefits many gyms overlook by not selling retail in their gyms. Dave also gives some pointers on how to set up and enhance your retail space.

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[VIDEO] How and Why To Boost Your Posts

Are you posting great content, but aren't seeing great engagement? It might be time for a boost. In this segment of our video series, we'll show you how boosting posts can improve Facebook engagement and help you gain more followers.

Here's what we'll talk about: 

  • What boosting means. 
  • Why you would want to boost a post.
  • How to actually boost a post, step-by-step. 
  • How to review the results once a boost has concluded.
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[VIDEO] Using Facebook Check-Ins to Improve Engagement

What the heck are Facebook check-ins and why are they important? And as a gym owner, you've got to focus on the success of your gym. Which means marketing should be a top priority (right?). After all, you can't have a gym without members and to get members you have to make yourself known. Facebook check-ins are the most cost effective way to gain more members. In this final segment of our video series, we'll cover these topics:

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[VIDEO] Scheduling Your Content

We'd be willing to bet that you have plenty of social media content about your gym, but that you never get around to posting it. It's okay, we all deal with this. Don't fret! In this 5 min video, we'll show you a few easy ways to save you time and make posting less of a chore. 

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[PODCAST] How Two Ordinary Guys Conquer Each Day With A Morning Routine

Feel overwhelmed from the minute you wake up each morning? There’s an antidote. Building a well-planned morning routine is as great way to regain control of your day. In Episode 15 of The Gym Owner’s Guide To the Galaxy, reformed late-risers Matt and John share how they use a well thought-out morning routine to jump start the day.

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[PODCAST] How to Get Started With Video At Your Gym w/ Chris Perilli

Chris Perilli is owner of PixelMobb and an all-around expert when it comes to making videos in the fitness industry. In Episode 14 of The Gym Owner’s Guide To The Galaxy, Chris will explain why video is such an important part of marketing your gym, how to create your very first video, and even which common mistakes to avoid. He’ll also recommend has favorite apps and add-ons to help take your video quality to the next level.

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[VIDEO] Tips for Outstanding Photos and Videos

You know it's important to post photo and videos on your Facebook page. They're more likely to be shared and receive engagement. But the question is, what should you take photos and videos of?

In Part 4 of How to Publish Great Facebook Content For Your Gym, we'll share some must-know tips to take your photos and videos to the next level.

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[VIDEO] How to Check In With Julie Foucher


You've heard that you can "check-in" on Facebook at a Sweat Angels gym to help some great causes, like providing clean water for kids or caring for rescued cats and dogs. But how does that work? And what's exactly is a Facebook check-in anyway?

Sweat Angels athlete Julie Foucher shows us how to do a Facebook check-in in this quick video. Watch and share with your members... and don't forget to check-in!

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[VIDEO] The Importance of Telling Stories on Facebook

Ever come across a Facebook page that was so boring it almost put you to sleep? Chances are, there wasn't a good story being told. If you're not using stories to tell people about your gym, then you won't hold their attention for long. 

Watch Part 3 of How to Publish Great Facebook Content for Your Gym to learn how to create and share captivating stories with your own audience. 

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