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[PODCAST] From UFC Fighter to Gym Owner: The Story of Alan Belcher

Alan “The Talent” Belcher is a top-ranked professional UFC fighter, gym owner, and entrepreneur. Over Alan's decade-long career, he collected 18 UFC wins and at one point was ranked #3 in the world. Alan is now focused on running the Alan Belcher MMA Club. He also spends a considerable amount of time helping other Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club owners succeed at running their own businesses.

In Episode 7 of The Gym Owner's Guide To The Galaxy, Alan will talk about his grueling road to becoming a professional fighter in the UFC. He'll also share how his background as a fighter helps him be a better business owner.

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[PODCAST] Developing an Authentic Brand w/ Baker Leavitt of Kill Cliff

Baker Leavitt is an early member of Kill Cliff, maker of recovery drinks for athletes. Not only has Baker helped turn Kill Cliff into a major company in the nutrition space, he's also built apparel company 2POOD. 

In Episode 6 of The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, Baker shares his advice for gym owners who want to better define their own brands. We'll also hear how Kill Cliff built a strong social following by fostering customer engagement and using an authentic voice.

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[PODCAST] How To Build a Massive Facebook Following

Paul Nobles founded Eat to Perform just a few years ago as part of a mission to improve his own health. Along the way, he developed a Facebook following of over 1 million fans and has helped thousands of people improve their fitness and well being.

In Episode 5 of The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, Paul shares the story of how he built Eat to Perform. We'll hear his tips for building and nurturing a strong social media following, along with advice for creating a business based on authenticity. 

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[Podcast] How To Nurture Leads and Close Sales with Phil Stern from Zen Planner

Phil Stern is the Director of Sales at Zen Planner, a client management software for that serves thousands of fitness businesses.

In Episode 4 of The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, Phil shares advice for gym owners on how to be more effective at turning prospective customers into long-term members. Plus, we’ll hear some of Phil’s favorite blogs and books for gym owners who want to nurture leads and close more sales.

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The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy - Episode 3: Lessons From Opening 100 CrossFit Boxes

Mike Kratochwill is the Sr. Director Marketing for Reebok Training and has been instrumental in building Reebok’s relationship with CrossFit. In his role at Reebok, Mike helped hundreds of box owners around their world open their own CrossFit locations. Along the way, Mike learned some valuable lessons on how to successfully open a new gym. Mike later opened his own box, called Reebok CrossFit Mefield, in 2012. In this episode, Mike shares insights from his unique position in the fitness business.

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The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy - Episode 2: How to Build an Online Community

If you've ever participated in an online forum or discussion group, you know just how easy these communities can make it to share advice. You also know that these groups can turn pretty messy if they're not managed well. But we know one guy who's created a fantastic online group for CrossFit box owners - John Manser, founder of the CrossFit Affiliate Owner's Group on Facebook.

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Our New Podcast: The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy

We know building your business is important to you, and we have friends who've been there and can help. Our new podcast, The Gym Owner's Guide to the Galaxy, connects you with some of the most successful gym and studio owners in the business. With one guest interview per episode, we'll help you maximize your time while you learn.

Check out our first episode about Making the Move to Multiple Locations with guest Bryce Henson. Bryce talks about growing your gym and marketing across multiple locations. Visit us on SoundCloud or iTunes, or you can listen right here! We can't wait to hear what you think!

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