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How to 'Build an Even Stronger Community' with Your Gym Members

"At Curves, we all connect with one another," said Tina Bruno of Curves of Apex, in North Carolina. "Causely helps us connect even more.

After joining the Curves staff in 2005, Tina bought the business in 2009. Being new to the fitness business, she had a lot to learn. But she was ahead of the game. Tina already knew two things she needed to do to be successful. First, she had to build community with members. And second, she had to develop a strong presence online. 

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[PODCAST] Run Your Gym Like a Business w/David Ferguson

Are you thinking about expanding your gym to another location? Great, but have you thought about everything an expansion entails? What about parking and staff training?

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6 Perks Of Being a Sweat Angels Gym

Several of our favorite gyms have experienced some killer perks from Sweat Angels. To celebrate their efforts and what they've experienced, we created a snazzy infographic! 

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[PODCAST] Is Your Gym Missing Out By Not Selling Retail? w/Dave Colina

Dave Colina is the owner of Formula O2 recovery drink and gym retailer extraordinaire. In our latest episode of Gym Owners Guide To The Galaxy, Dave, Matt and John talk about the benefits many gyms overlook by not selling retail in their gyms. Dave also gives some pointers on how to set up and enhance your retail space.

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[PODCAST] How Two Ordinary Guys Conquer Each Day With A Morning Routine

Feel overwhelmed from the minute you wake up each morning? There’s an antidote. Building a well-planned morning routine is as great way to regain control of your day. In Episode 15 of The Gym Owner’s Guide To the Galaxy, reformed late-risers Matt and John share how they use a well thought-out morning routine to jump start the day.

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[PODCAST] Why Your Martial Arts School Needs A Kids Program w/Guest: UFC Fighter Tim Credeur

Tim “Crazy” Credeur is a former UFC fighter and owner of Gladiators Academy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Tim’s school is one of the most well-respected MMA schools in the country. His philosophy on running an MMA school is based on being inclusive, creating an amazing first impression, and more recently, having a very strong kids program.

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7 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

As we approach the New Year, we often find ourselves drawn to self-improvement and new sources of inspiration. For that reason, we created this list of books for business owners to read this year. Each of the books can improve an area of your life or business, and most of them are on our list of all-time favorite books.

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How To Get More Done By Starting A Morning Routine

How you start your day impacts everything that follows.

If you wake up to donuts and video games, you’re priming yourself for a sluggish start and a sugar-crash later. Instead, if you begin your day with a nutritious breakfast and your favorite motivational podcast, you’re more likely to conquer everything in your path.

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[PODCAST] Be The Best Gym Owner You Can Be: Advice From Fitness Leader Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is known as the “hidden genius” behind many of the most successful brands and businesses in fitness. You may have seen him on ABC, NBC, Spike TV or in one of your favorite health magazines. Not only has Bedros built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the industry, he's also the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp and has built multiple highly-successful fitness and health publications.

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How Much Should Gym Owners Spend On Marketing?

As a gym owner, one of the most important things you need to understand is something called Member Lifetime Value (MLV). It’s an estimate of how much revenue a member will generate during their lifetime as a customer.

If you know how much revenue your members will generate, than it becomes much easier to figure how much you should spend on marketing. Keep reading to find out how to calculate MLV for your gym.

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