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How One Anytime Fitness Club Increased Referrals By 3x | Todd Adamson – Milton, FL


Like many gym owners, Todd Adamson, owner of Anytime Fitness in Milton, FL was searching for ways to market his Anytime Fitness club. He had tried several different tactics before his club owner friends recommended he check out Sweat Angels. Once he did, he was delighted with the results. Today, Anytime Fitness in Milton has a rapidly growing club with engaged members and lots of exposure on Facebook.

We caught up with Todd to learn more about his early marketing challenges and how the Sweat Angels program turned his marketing around.

Frustrations With Traditional Marketing

In the beginning, Todd was eager to try different things to market his club to the local community. He hoped that by experimenting with multiple options, he would come across the best idea for getting more members. Todd estimates that he spent more than $27,000 trying to promote his club before coming to Sweat Angels. He advertised in the newspaper, by direct mail, with billboards, and through Facebook and Yelp. Some of those channels worked for a little while, but then the leads would completely drop off.

Unable to Get Exposure With Posts on Facebook

Todd knew Facebook had the potential to connect the club with prospects, but some of Facebook recent updates choked off his ability to get posts in front of people. He explained, “Facebook has gotten so much more difficult for businesses. When we first started, we could get a lot of people to see our posts without boosting or promoting our post. Now if you don’t boost or promote your post you only have a handful of people seeing your content. That’s very frustrating.”


A Huge Increase In Facebook Exposure

While Todd was struggling with marketing the club, he was also on the lookout for some ways to support charities through his business. Fortunately, he heard of Sweat Angels on the Barbell Business podcast. Also, several of his friends own gyms and recommend Sweat Angels, so he decided to try it out. The Sweat Angels team helped Anytime Fitness get set up in the program, and the club saw great enthusiasm and participation right away. “It’s definitely gotten our members more engaged and excited about checking in. I also think it helps with accountability and getting members to come in more frequently,” Todd said.

Sweat Angels greatly multiplied the number of check-ins and the amount of exposure for the club. Anytime Fitness in Milton experienced a 3x increase in Facebook impressions shortly after starting the program. This increase took them from an average of 3,000 impressions a month to over 9,000 a month. Friend-to-friend exposure like this makes Sweat Angels the most effective form of advertising available.

It’s a no-brainer for every gym to participate. This is probably one of the cheapest types of advertising you can do, and the money all goes to a great cause. It’s not like you are experimenting with thousands of dollars a month, just a few hundred and you aren’t going to spend more than the results you’ll get. If it’s not working for you, you aren’t going to be spending much. I can’t think of any other marketing programs where you get as much bang for your buck, and it all goes to a good cause. It’s a win-win,” added Todd.


Watching Members Get Excited About Giving Back

The program has built up goodwill and heightened their sense of community in the club. Their members are excited to participate and get completely invested in the causes each month. Todd noticed that as the causes rotate, members become very passionate about the issues close to their heart. Once that spark happens, there’s no stopping them from checking in and rallying their friends to do the same. Members will even stop and tell the Anytime Fitness team that they are checking in on Facebook that day because they know they are directly giving to the cause of the month. It’s clear that their members are invested in the success of the causes.

Todd loves the program and knows it was a great decision to adopt it. He likes the rotating causes and feels that it’s one of the keys to keeping members engaged. He also thinks the per-unit incentive system is set up perfectly. To explain, he said, “One of the things that I think is done especially well is the way Sweat Angels quantifies everything. A check-in provides a minute of therapy, with real world quantifiable effects. It lets you know how much good you are doing. 1,000 check-ins this month provides 200 pairs of shoes. It makes it more real world for the members. It makes it more tangible.”


Sweat Angels has done wonders for Anytime Fitness in Milton’s marketing. In closing Todd said, “Until Sweat Angels, there wasn’t a good and cost-effective tool to spread the word about our club online. Sweat Angels solves that problem. It gets the average user to check-in and share their experience with all their friends on Facebook.” Todd’s search for the perfect marketing tool is over, and he now recommends the program to his friends.


Want more referrals at your gym?

Sweat Angels generates personal, friend-to-friend, referrals to your gym. We use the power of Facebook check-ins to generate thousands of personal referrals every week. How do we do it? Every time a member of your gym checks in on Facebook, we make a donation to a great charity.

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