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See Which Businesses Are Giving Back Together

Giving Back TogetherWhen we started Causely back in 2010 (we were called SoJo Studios then), we had a mission of helping people give back through playing social networking games.

After seeing the success of our first game, WeTopia, we were inspired to find even more ways for people to give back. What if everyone could give back instead of just gamers? What if everyone could give back through every day actions?

That's when Causely was born

Now, our mission is to connect and empower businesses, communities and non-profits to create a better world. Anytime someone checks in on Facebook or tags their location on Instagram at a Causely business, we donate to a great non-profit. Here's all the good we've done so far. 

We started with just one businesses here in KY in 2013, and have grown to over 3,185 businesses, gyms and churches. Our members are located in all 50 states and 15 different countries (we're even in Australia). Businesses all over the world are giving back together!

Giving Back Together

How To Find Causely Businesses 

So, we've got 3,000+ businesses. But where are they? To help consumers find out which businesses partner with Causely to give back through social actions on Facebook and Instagram, we created a location map. Now anyone can search for businesses in a local city to find out which ones are giving back with Causely! 

How The Map Works

It's simple. When a business joins Causely, we add them to our member map. If someone searches a specific city, all the Causely businesses in that city show up with a "pin" on the map. The pin includes the business name, address, and a link to the business Facebook profile. This way people can search for and patronize Causely businesses exclusively.

Businesses That Give Back

Here's how to use the map:  

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your city or zip code.
  3. Be impressed by all the businesses that give back with Causely. :)
  4. Click on a teal pin to see the name of the business and its address. 
  5. Patronize that business.
  6. Give back by checking in on its Facebook page or tagging it's location on Instagram. 

Find A Causely Location In My City

Don't See a Business Near You? 

No problem. Shoot us an email at or comment below with the name and location of the business you'd like to see join the Causely community. We'll do out best to get them to join our community. 

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