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What Do Top Performing Affiliate Gyms Do Differently?

Guest post by Tiffany Houkom, SEM Specialist, Zen Planner

You’ve probably heard the “new year, new you” motto floating around lately. It’s the time of year to make resolutions in an effort to become a new, better you. The same can hold true for your business. If your affiliate gym struggled last year, this is your opportunity to start the New Year fresh.

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How This Franchise Co-Owner Connects with His Customers Daily

Sam Schaffer, Director of Operations and Co-Owner of Newk's Eatery in Lexington KY, has spent his entire life in hospitality and has a passion for serving and connecting with his guests. When Sam discovered Causely, he found a unique way to connect with guests inside and outside the restaurant. 

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Why Charitable Giving is Suprisingly Beneficial To Your Business

Causely is a company that thrives on helping businesses give back. Because of that, we often hear the question, "But why is giving money away good for my business?"

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How Our Company Went From Donating $46.80 to $2 Million

On August 30, 2013, Causely wrote a check to our non-profit partner, Soles 4 Souls, for a whopping $46.80.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that number, but if you’re trying to become the “most philanthropic company” in the world, you know you have a long way to go.

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[MONTHLY RECAP] December 2016 - Toys for Tots

Once upon a time, in December, every 15 check-ins provided a book to a child in need. And our Causely community checked in to give the gift of reading by providing 24,463 books for children in need through Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. After that, all the children had a lifetime of joy reading books. The end. Thanks for checking in last month! #books4kids

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And Our 2016 Non-Profit Winners Are...

We partner with some amazing non-profit partners every month. For the first time, we wanted to highlight some of our exceptional partners throughout 2016 and celebrate some of the campaigns that saw the most engagement, the best stories, and had the most spirit. Here are the 2016 Causely Charitable Partners Awards! 

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12 of Our Best Marketing Resources and Stories From 2016

At Causely we have one goal: to help businesses grow by doing good. And to help businesses reach this goal, we provide them with marketing resources and stories of impact.

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How to Save Your Gym Members From Holiday Laziness

There are a few things more attractive than gym memberships over the Holidays: cookies, sleep, Netflix... eggnog...cookies...sleep..

"Oops! No time for the gym today...."

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How a Strong Community Helps This Gym Get New Members (and Keeps Them Coming Back)

"People can go anywhere to work out," said Stephanie from The Grind Shop in Cincinnati. "What hooks people to a specific gym is a good experience and a sense of community. Causely creates both those hooks."

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[MONTHLY RECAP] November 2016 - Movember

This November, the Causely community gathered together to support our beloved men. Every check-in on Facebook helped educate 15 men on the risks of prostate cancer. We partnered with Movember to make this happen. And we're proud to announce that we helped educate 5,507,918 men (yes, that's millions). Thank you for helping keep our men from dying too young! #movember

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John Rougeux

John is co-founder and CMO at Causely. When he's not trying to build the most philanthropic company in the world, he's probably hanging out with his wife and three daughters in Lexington, KY. You can also find John on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Matthew Watson

Matt is Customer Success Manager at Causely, where he does everything in his power to help our customers succeed. He loves sports, his wife, his dog, and the great outdoors, but not in that order. He may love his dog more than sports. You can find Matt on Facebook and Twitter.


Sarah Werner

Sarah is a writer, marketer, and brand specialist. She has experience in both non-profit marketing and financial development as well as for-profit content marketing and social media. She holds degrees in English and Art from Asbury University. When she’s not writing content for Causely, you’ll find her outside with a book or camera enjoying the company of trees. You can also find Sarah on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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