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We Must-Ache You... Which Mustache Are You?

Mustache_Quiz-04.pngWe're proud to announce that the winner of the mustache quiz contest was Juston Espinoza of Grand Rapids WMCDO! Thank you to everyone who participated in the mustache quiz. The quiz is now closed.

About the Contest

Causely connects and empowers businesses, communities, and nonprofits to create a better world. We currently work with over 3,300 businesses and organizations nationwide, helping them generate awareness and engage their customers by supporting great causes. 

This month we're supporting Movember and to help generate awareness about educating men about prostate cancer, we created a mustache quiz. Everyone who takes this quiz will be entered into a contest to win a 1-year refillable Harry's Shave Kit and a Causely t-shirt for themselves and for the Causely member location they frequent the most. 

No purchase was necessary to enter the contest. Please view our contest rules if you have any questions.

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Sarah Werner

Sarah wins the “off the grid” award on the Causely team. She aspires to live in a secluded cabin, surrounded by acres of pine trees and howling timber wolves, so she can finally write her award winning novel. In the meantime, due to the limited availability of her dream spot, she’s focusing on marketing, content strategy and storytelling for Causely. She has 5+ years experience in marketing and 10+ years in writing (27 if you include her childhood scribbles).


John Rougeux

John is an ambitious man who loves a good challenge. If you ask him to go for a hike, you’ll end up hiking the entire 2,000+ mile Appalachian Trail. If you ask him to go for a run, he’ll sign you up for an Ironman. No challenge seems to be too tough for this guy. John is the CMO and Co-Founder of Causely where he’s helping turn Causely into the most charitable company in the world.

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