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Meet Sweat Angels Athlete Julie Foucher: Part 1

If you could sit down and talk to CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher, what would you ask her?

You'd probably want to talk about workouts, what kind of music she's got on her playlist, and what she plans to do after competitive CrossFit. And you'd probably fall in love with her warm personality and great laugh, because we sure did.

Check out her interview here:



Morning Routine: In an ideal world, my morning routine would be to wake up, spend a few minutes doing some exercises to get my heart rate up. Yoga for a few minutes and then spending some time meditating or just reflecting on what I'm grateful for or overall goals and purpose. But in reality, I usually end up snoozing my alarm until the very last minute and then rushing to get ready and eating breakfast in the car wherever I'm going. So that's one thing I'm working on. It's a work in progress.

Least Favorite Workout: My least favorite workout? Anything with rowing and deadlifts. So I'm really glad I didn't have to do the 1/2 marathon row in 2013 at the Games. Because that would be my worst nightmare- just sitting on a rower for over an hour.

Music for Motivation: To get myself motivated, I like anything that's really upbeat. I really like techno-style music. I like Let's Go from Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Avicii are all on my Pump Up playlist.

Favorite Charities: I'm most passionate about charities that work with kids. I think that we can have such a big impact by catching kids early and helping them live healthier lifestyles. Getting them on the right direction, for setting goals for themselves with education.

After Competition: After competing in CrossFit I'm going back to finish my last two years of medical school. I have two years of clinicals left and then I go on to do my residency in Family Medicine. Other than that, still being very involved in CrossFit. Still doing CrossFit every day, just doing it for a different goal. Doing it to stay healthy and be involved in my community.

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