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How to Save Your Gym Members From Holiday Laziness

Grow Your GymThere are a few things more attractive than gym memberships over the Holidays: cookies, sleep, Netflix... eggnog...cookies...sleep..

"Oops! No time for the gym today...."

It happens to the best of us. In the midst of sugar comas, time slips by, and it's easy to forget about working out. In fact, one of the top reasons people cancel their gym memberships is lack of time for working out (or just laziness).

The Holidays are a black hole of lost time and canceled gym memberships.

But they don't have to be. Here's a few tips on how to keep your members engaged and save them from the holiday vortex.

Stick to Your Normal Schedule

The greatest excuse to stay home is a change in schedule. It's the "Oh, they changed the routine, so I'll just skip it this time (and then skip for the rest of the month)" mentality.

Gym-goers are typically regimented people who work out at specific times. Don't give them a reason to skip their workout. Stick to the regular hours of operation and class schedule.

Grow Your Gym

If attendance is still low, try adding an extra class at a new time. By catering to your members busy holiday schedule, you'll add tremendous value to their lives. You might be surprised how many more people show up.

Spice Up Your Classes With a Holiday Theme

Your members are stressed from the Holidays. Play into their needs by spicing up your classes with some holiday-themed workouts. Build the workouts around holiday stress and over eating. "For every 10 cookies you've eaten, do 10 reps of kettle bell swings." Offer that extra yoga class. Host a "Holiday Hell Week" and work 'em hard. Nothing helps cope with stress better than a rough workout.

Offer Holiday Buddy Passes

Holidays are for spending time with family and friends. Incentivize your members to spend time with loved ones at the gym by offering exclusive holiday buddy passes. By inspiring your members to extend their fitness life to friends and family, you'll not only keep them engaged, but you'll also spread the word about your gym. You might even gain some new members along the way. 😉

Grow Your Gym

Share Tips for Staying Healthy over the Holidays

People can work off the holiday cookies, but it doesn't do much good if they go back home and eat 20 more cookies and a piece of pie. Inspire your members to stay healthy by posting healthy holiday recipes, tip for measuring out meal portions, ideas for fighting laziness, etc. Remember, your members look to you for helping them get fit and remain fit. Share your expertise!

(help them fight this mentality)

Don't Forget About Advertising New Year Memberships

Keeping your current members engaged is key. But so is preparing for the New Year's member influx. More than 12 percent of gym members join in January, compared to an average of 8.3 percent per month for the full year.
Grow Your GymIn the midst of the holiday shuffle, make sure you continue to advertise your gym to the general public. You can do this by asking your current members to talk about you on social media, offering membership discounts, and investing in traditional advertising. Don't miss out on the chance to grow your gym in the New Year!

Need a Fresh Way to Gain Members?

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