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6 Best Practices for Getting More Check-Ins at Your Gym


The following is a guest post by Katie Arnold, from 50 States In A Year, who raised money for Sweat Angels by Causely charities at CrossFit boxes all over the country.

It’s been a while since Samantha and I set out on the 50 States In A Year tour, and having visited over 70 different CrossFit boxes, it’s safe to say we saw a lot of really great things and a lot of things that could use improving.  We were fortunate to partner with Sweat Angels by Causely and had the privilege of stopping in to some Sweat Angels boxes. 

One thing that stood out is that the boxes and gyms partnering with Sweat Angels had a higher level of community than those that didn't. The members at Sweat Angels boxes knew they were coming together to give back, and that those Facebook check-ins would lead to engagement.

With that said, we met some members who don’t quite understand the whole “checking-in” thing. They also wondered how to keep it fresh and new, and/or why they were doing it in the first place. so, we'd like to to give you all some helpful tips for check-ins that you can use yourself and also share with your members.

1. Use The Hashtag

Sweat Angels creates a hashtag each month with the charity announcement. Share this with your members! Use it as an opportunity to connect with others in the Sweat Angels community but also get great ideas on things you may want to include in future check- ins. 

2. Tag Your Friends

Who was with you when you hit that new PR? Even more so, do they often forget to check-in when at the box? Tag them! Remember when you check in with others, it counts as a check-in for you AND them. Double the goodness. 

3. Celebrate Milestones

That back squat PR, your one-year anniversary of getting back in shape, or maybe your first pull-up? Celebrate those moments and share with others! They’ll be excited to support you on this new accomplishment and may even ask you for more information on this whole “Sweat Angels thing” and how they can join you. Besides who doesn’t love sharing their favorite things with their friends and family?

4. Include Pictures or Videos

Was today’s workout especially fun? Catch some photos or videos that can be included in your check-ins. We have a Perchmount (holds your phone while you workout) which we love to use for those moments.

5. Encourage Others

Whether this is encouraging friends to come join you or beat your workout time, help be the push to get your friends to the gym that day! We all have those days when we need that extra push.

6. Remind Friends to Check-in

This is fairly self-explanatory, but we’ve seen this several times where members don’t really know they are supposed to be checking-in or why they’re doing it. Remind your friends before or after class to check-in and use the hashtag. But more importantly, have fun with it. Yes, we’re giving back to some amazing causes but this is also about your community coming together, so have fun with it!  


Have other tips about how to get more check-ins?

We'd love to hear what you think! Share your tips in the comments below.

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