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How This Restaurant Relies on Causely to Grow and Do Good


“I’m not good with Facebook,” said Eddie Hensley, Director of Operations at Ted’s Montana Grill. “I don’t have any experience with it. But the Causely team got our Page all set up and took care of everything.”

Eddie has been in the restaurant business for 20 years. And, in his six years with Ted’s, he’s identified its biggest marketing challenge: finding a strategy that’s cost effective and can measure the return on investment.

“We’ve tried radio, TV, direct mailers, and have found that the biggest problem with those tactics is that we have to offer a discount for them to work. But, at Ted’s, we serve a high quality product so we don’t offer discounts,” Eddie said. Ted’s has never seen a good return on any marketing investments. 


The Benefits of Causely

The first thing that attracted Eddie to Causely is how it supports charity through Facebook, an unknown territory for him. Learning how Causely worked helped him understand the value of Facebook marketing vs. other forms of marketing. And he was floored by the fact that with Causely, every Facebook check-in at Ted’s would generate a donation to a great cause. “I loved the idea of helping others while also getting the word out about the restaurant,” Eddie said.


The second aspect that attracted Eddie to Causely is the return on his investment. “We’re getting a lot for our money,” he said. “And we can measure it all. That’s huge.” Causely provides ready-made content such as professionally designed social media posts, pre-written emails and social media text, printed materials and an system for tracking success. 


Tracking The Success

Eddie has partnered with Causely for over two years and has noticed significant growth with the business. “We’ve noticed a change in foot traffic and have been up in guest counts for the last few years. It all coincides with our partnership with Causely.” 

He has also experienced greater engagement between current customers and potential customers online. When people check-in, they comment about the menu at Ted’s, the atmosphere, etc.  “We see a lot of banter as customers check in — people telling their friends what they should order,” said Eddie. “There are so many interactions we have with people sitting in the building and people who aren’t in the building.”


Eddie’s Advice For Businesses

We asked Eddie if he had any advice for other business owners. He said, “You’re getting a lot of bang for you buck with Causely. And you get to do good. What else is there?”