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How This Multi-Site Manager Saves Time on Marketing

save_time_on_marketing"Last year was our most successful year," said PJ Jones, manager of both Gold's Gym-Indy and Get Fit Athletic Club. "And the only thing we did differently was Sweat Angels by Causely." These gyms started Sweat Angels 8 months ago and have seen significant growth in foot traffic and referrals. PJ has also experienced the added benefit of saving time on marketing by using Sweat Angels.

PJ Jones has been the fitness business for 11 years. And as a manager of multiple sites, he's learned a lot about the importance of gym marketing. Before starting Sweat Angels, both gyms were reliant upon mailers, billboards, and radio spots for marketing. "We knew that we had to saturate our city with our brand in order to get people there," said PJ.

Saturation was an understatement. They drowned themselves in traditional marketing. It was a ton of work and cost them a little over $4,000 a month. The good news is the marketing worked, but it was a huge time commitment and a huge cost. 

The Marketing Time Commitment

The time PJ spent on marketing had to change. Customer service, staff management, maintenance, and general operations had to be his priority. Oh, and by the way, PJ was doing it all for two gyms, not one. We think he might actually be Superman.   


Then, an ad for Sweat Angels sparked PJ's interest. But he ignored it (no time, remember?). Thankfully, the ad kept popping up. Eventually, he inquired about it through his friend Kathy, an instructor at a Sweat Angels gym. Kathy connected him to the Sweat Angels team. 

PJ quickly learned about the benefits of Sweat Angels. Right off the bat, he was attracted to the simplified strategy, the affordability and the charitable aspect. "We didn't just want to grow fast. We wanted to be seen as a vital part of the community. I knew Sweat Angels could help us change the community's perception of us," he said. 


After one meeting with the Sweat Angels team, PJ signed up both gyms. Since starting the program, both Gold's Gym and Get Fit Athletic Club have seen a significant increase in foot traffic and Facebook Impressions.


Average Facebook Impressions for Get Fit Athletic Club


Average Facebook Impressions for Gold's Gym - Indy

"Our members love it," PJ said. "We've plastered the gym with signage about the program." And not only do the members love it, but also the staff. The staff checks in every day. Sweat Angels has enhanced the sense of community between staff members. 

Unexpected Benefit of Saving Time on Marketing

PJ has also seen an unexpected benefit of Sweat Angels. Time. The program saves him time by providing "done-for-you" emails, Facebook posts and promotional material to send out to members. Rather than spending time and money on billboards, radio spots, and countless promo emails, PJ can focus on his staff and gym operations.

We asked PJ what advice he had for anyone considering Sweat Angels. He said, "I manage two gyms. If Sweat Angels wasn't easy, I wouldn't do it. But it is easy. It takes two minutes to send out the emails and posts to the members. Then you're done." He recommends pushing the program with staff and instructors/trainers first, and letting their excitement spill out to the members.

PJ's final advice is, "If you're gonna do it, do it right. Push it out. Get people excited and watch the tables turn." 

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