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How Mathnasium Fosters a Sincere Brand by Giving Back


“When I heard about Causely, I knew it was the perfect marriage between Mathnasium’s awareness needs and our desire to give back,” said Carlo Dimaisip, owner of Mathnasium Learning Centers in East Sparks, Nevada.

After working in the corporate world for 20 years, Carlo decided to chase his passion for supporting his community through education. His passion took him to Mathnasium, where he is now dedicated to fostering a reputation of sincerity in his staff, students and the company’s brand.

“Everything we do as a business, whether marketing the center or how we work with our students, is driven by showing people we are more than just a math learning center. We’re a business that cares,” said Carlo.

The Challenges of Marketing

As an engineer-turned-business owner, Carlo’s biggest challenge with marketing has been “not knowing what will work and what won’t work.” He’s tried some mailers, some Facebook marketing, some pay-per-click marketing, and it’s all worked. But nothing has worked better than word-of-mouth marketing.

“It is vital for a business to gain the trust of the community. That’s only way you will grow. When you gain their trust, people willingly help your business grow by talking about it,” said Carlo. That’s why Carlo spends his time building relationships instead of sending out mailers.


Causely Provided a Sincere Solution

Carlo heard about Causely in a business owner forum, where multiple business owners mentioned their positive experience of Causely. Their comments prompted Carlo to take a closer look.

He learned the value of a Facebook check-in and how Causely uses check-ins to give back to the community. Carlo was sold by the fact that every Facebook check-in at Mathnasium would generate a donation to a great cause.  “As a business owner, I just don’t do things that aren’t sincere. Causely is built on sincerity. It’s an honest model. So, it can’t help but drive the right results,” said Carlo. He signed up that day knowing the program would help Mathnasium build trust in the community.

Just a month into the program, Mathnasium has seen incredible results. This past June, the community checked in 114 times, producing 18,000 Facebook impressions. Carlo has even gone the extra step of boosting Causely’s ready-made content to reach more people.



Carlo’s Advice to Businesses

Even though Mathnasium has been with the program for a short time, Carlo is confident that they will continue to be successful because “the program just makes sense.” He pointed out that social media marketing is all about trust. “When you see content on Facebook that interests you, you get more interested when you trust the person who posted it. Causely’s model allows your business to play a part in that trust,” said Carlo.

His advice to anyone considering Causely: “If you believe in what Causely is doing, then you’ve got to jump on it. You have to do it. If you believe in the premise of helping, giving and raising awareness about your  business, then it’s a no brainer.”