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How Facebook Check-Ins Provide Loving Care for Shelter Animals

Giving Back Together
This past September, our Causely community worked together to provide – wait for it – 1,687,518 bowls of food for shelter animals through the Rescue Bank. We're amazed (per usual) and want to shed some light how our Facebook check-ins supported Rescue Bank's mission. 

How Rescue Bank Comes to the Rescue

Rescue Bank was born out of need. When Hurricane Katrina blasted though the Gulf coast in 2005, it flooded shelters, rescue organizations, and foster groups with more displaced pets than they could handle. Shelters were unable to raise the funds needed to care for all the animals. 

The founders of Rescue Bank came up with a solution. Following the "food bank" model, they started an "animal food bank" to help shelters focus on other areas of care for the animals. 

Giving Back Together

With less need to use funds for providing food, animal organizations can spend resources on housing, daily maintenance, veterinary care, and specialized needs.  The result is better quality of life for rescued pets and a larger number of animals that can be helped!

The Impact of Our Facebook Check-Ins

When the Rescue Bank gathers enough food, they distribute it to their partner organizations. This is where the bowls of food go when our community checks in!  

Recently, one of Rescue Bank's affiliate partners, Last Hope Animal Rescue, was able to save and care for 17 displaced cats. The cats came to the shelter from a hoarding situation. All were in need of even the most basic veterinary care.

Giving Back Together

After coming to Last Hope, 15 of the cats have been adopted into loving "forever" homes. Only two are patiently waiting in foster homes for new families! All the cats are being cared for,  thanks to the Rescue Bank and Causely for providing food and allowing the shelter to focus solely on finding homes for the cats.

The leaders of Last Hope Animal Rescue are particularly grateful for the support from Rescue Bank: "We never have to worry about if we'll have enough food to feed the animals or if we can afford to pay for both their vaccinations and the food they need. We're able to help more animals because our feeding costs are minimal. Without Rescue Bank this couldn't happen!" 

Want Your Business to Support Causes Like Rescue Bank? 

As a member of Causely, every time one of your customers checks-in on Facebook, we donate to a great cause on your behalf. Click here to learn more about how Causely works. 

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