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How Brick New York Doubled Gym Memberships in One Year


By using Causely just a few months after they opened for business, Brick NY doubled its membership within one year. Brick NY Head Coach Heidi Jones told us how they made it happen.

The Challenge of Growing a New Business

Brick NY opened with 250 members but quickly grew to over 650 in a single year. How did they achieve 160% growth so quickly? Heidi points to the combined power of Causely and a great Brick community.


“Our members love to support causes, and Causely makes it so easy. It costs members nothing and they can walk out of class feeling like they’ve done something great.” – Heidi Jones, Head Coach at Brick NY

When the Brick NY team started using Causely, it gave Heidi and her fellow coaches an authentic way of asking their members to check-in on Facebook. She noticed that members took great pride in supporting causes through Causely. The idea of being able to support a great cause just by checking in was so popular that Brick NY saw over 1,000 check-ins in the first month alone!


And because each Facebook check-in is typically seen by about 150 friends of a member, Causely was the perfect way to incentivize Brick’s members to check in and get the word out.


Causely Provides a Turnkey Solution for Growth

Heidi and her team found Causely easy to use from the beginning. Not only does Causely support a compelling new cause each month, but it also provides businesses like Brick NY new digital and print media throughout the month. These assets make it easy for staff to talk about the program with members.

“Our members talk about how amazing the Brick experience is, and Causely is a major part of that. Just over a year later, we have a pretty full house. It’s a good problem to have!”

“Causely has literally run without a hitch,” Heidi explains. “It’s a fantastic way to let members do real wold good while also helping the gym market itself.”


From Heidi’s perspective, partnering with Causely was an easy choice. “Simply put, Causely helps our members love our gym even more. We have a great community – built from having great coaches, great programming, and with Causely, a great way for our members to feel special.”

A Great Experience Keeps Members On Board

Not only did Causely help Brick NY grow at phenomenal speed, but it also helped them maintain strong levels of retention. Heidi explains, “We have one of the highest retention rates of any gym – all due to Causely. Our members are super proud that their gym wants to help others.” In an industry where many fitness businesses want to know how to improve member retention, Heidi is happy to know the answer is Causely.

Put simply, Heidi feels that Causely gives her fitness business far more value than her monthly payment for the program. “I’m very proud to be with a company that wants to help people out and invest in others. We are investing in ourselves. Causely is an investment. It’s the best marketing that a company is ever going to get. You can’t even buy that number of check-ins.”

“You should try Causely. It’s the best marketing you could ever buy. The idea is brilliant. It’s great. I think we know we are all integrated but we don’t feel integrated yet. This is an investment to be made but the payoff is going to be new members.”