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Get Your Business Seen On Facebook With Boosted Posts


Today, we have access to one of the largest free advertising tools in history: social media.

The only problem is that everyone in the world has the same access and our channels are cluttered with content. Trying to get your message noticed is akin to trying to see above people’s heads in a crowded room. What you need is a leg up: a stool, a stack of books, a table, anything....

In the Facebook world, that leg up is called a boosted post, and in this blog post, we'll show you how (and when) to use them...

Boosted posts are valuable for getting your business noticed. But like most things that help you stand out, they cost a little extra.

We know, we know, it's hard to swallow the idea of giving Facebook money. We get it. But before you discount the process, lets talk about why you should do it, what kind of content you should boost, and how boosted posts will help you grow your business.

Why Should I Boost Facebook Posts?

We know you’re asking yourself this, so let’s address it first. 

You have a message. This message is important for people to hear. To cut through the content clutter, you'll have to post your message on Facebook and then pay to "boost" it to thousands of people.

Boosting you posts gives you a way to share your messages with the people you want to reach. Otherwise, your messages may barely be seen by anyone. That means you’re just wasting time and missing the boat.

What Kind of Content Should I Boost?

Make sure that your message (we will call this "content" from now on) is in a form that your readers can grasp. What good is it to send a message to thousands of people if they won’t read it?

Writing your content to (message) to elicit a response isn't easy. We are all particular about how we want to receive information. We prefer to hear certain things in certain ways, and we block out everything that doesn’t fit our preferences.


The easiest way to boost a post is to click the "Boost Post" button
on any post of a Facebook Page you manage.


Your job is to find out what your community wants to hear. This process is called creating personas. In short,  you need to ask your customers what they like to hear and when they like to hear it. Knowing your audience and their content preferences means you’ll post more effectively and reach more people.

When you know your audience, you can tailor your message to fit their preferences. This is the content you should boost. Generic messages thrown out into the oblivion of Facebook will never be interesting. Know your audience and have a massage tailored just for them. Then boost your posts.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to boost every message to be effective! Figuring out how many and what kind of posts to boost takes a little trial and error. Start out with what your budget can afford, track the success of each post, see which ones do the absolute best, and then boost similar posts. Don’t expect your message to go viral right away. Remember, it takes time and a strategy.

When Should I Boost a Post?

Experts say a lot about when you should boost posts, and what they say varies quite a bit. Our recommendation is to boost your posts based on your audience’s preferences (remember to create those personas!). Knowing your audience is key on every level. When you know your audience is looking, throw the ball.  

How Much Money Should I Spend to Boost a Post?

Here’s the deal: pricing for boosted posts is directly tied to how many people you want to reach. You get to choose the number of people you want to reach, how much you want to spend, and how long you want to boost the post.

Since you don’t need to boost every single message, you can pick and choose what you want to boost based on how much you can afford. If you have never boosted posts before, create a small budget and start out boosting one post a week for an entire month. Once you are able to collect data on the success of your posts, you can determine your best messages and set a realistic budget.

What Do I Need to Keep In Mind With Boosted Posts?

Remember to keep your expectations in check. If you expect your message to go viral with just one boost you'll be disappointed. Advertising takes time, and so does growing your business. Boosting posts is a great way to increase visibility and engagement, which will help grow your business over time.

Have more questions on boosting Facebook posts?

Leave a comment below and we'll point you in the right direction!

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