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Causely + Watsi: Changing Lives through Check-Ins


In our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Watsi from July to September 2023. Together, we aim to contribute to the cause of funding life-changing surgeries for individuals in need. Watsi’s vision is to create a brighter, healthier world where everyone has access to healthcare in order to thrive. By aligning ourselves with this noble mission, we hope to help bring dignity, hope, and improved well-being to vulnerable communities around the globe.

Watsi enables anyone to directly fund life-changing healthcare for a patient in need around the world. By partnering with local medical teams, Watsi is bringing dignified care to women, children, and other vulnerable communities who otherwise would be left behind because of financial constraints or access to quality healthcare. From July-September 2023, every check-in and review will enable us to support a patient in need—unlocking hope for new mothers, restoring dignity and independence for the elderly, a brighter future for children, livelihoods for families, and spreading so much good health around the world.

From July-September 2023, every Facebook check-in and review will help fund life-changing surgeries for people in need. This means that with a simple action, you can help unlock hope for new mothers, restore dignity and independence to the elderly, provide a brighter future for children, and support entire families in their pursuit of better livelihoods. The collective effort of our community will spread the blessings of good health and make a tangible difference across the world.

As we embark on another incredible campaign with Watsi, we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to amplify their mission. Together, we can help bridge the healthcare gap and create a more equitable world. By checking out Watsi’s blog post, you can gain deeper insight into the profound impact that your check-ins and reviews can have on the lives of others.

We invite you to join us from July to September to support Watsi in transforming the lives of others. Your participation will bring us one step closer to a world where healthcare is accessible to all. To learn more about Watsi and their remarkable work, please visit their website https://watsi.org/.