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Causely + Watsi: Bringing Healthcare to the World!


Watsi believes anyone, anywhere can change a life. And this is why we are so excited to be partnering with Watsi this March to help change lives! Your Facebook check-ins & reviews will help provide surgeries for people in need. 

Watsi is making healthcare a reality for everyone by giving 100% of the donated funds directly to the people in need of life-changing treatment. It could be a surgery for a child who was born with a clubfoot, so they can be able to run like the rest of their friends, or even a safe C-section for a mother in need. The donations made to Watsi help fund doctor time, medical supplies, diagnostics, transportation, food, lodging, and follow-up for these patients. 

In 2010, one of the Watsi co-founders, Chase Adam, was on a bus in Costa Rica.  At one stop, a woman got on and was asking for donations to fund her son’s surgery. That experience led to the start of Watsi; named for the town the inspirational story took place. Watsi was created to help people access healthcare. They started by launching a crowdfunding platform, which has processed more than $15M in donations and has now reached over 24,000 patients in 27 different countries. 

In 2017, a few of the Watsi team members moved to rural Uganda to dive in and create Watsi Coverage, and with direct input from the community, local stakeholders and global experts they created the technology they call Meso for this program. It is helping streamline healthcare administration, so that low-income countries can more easily provide and track healthcare coverage for their communities. To date, 98% of that Ugandan community have signed up. That is almost 6,000 individuals! 

Watsi is truly changing the face of healthcare for the entire world, and we are so proud to partner with them this March! We think Mackinnon Engen, Watsi’s Executive Director says it best, “At Watsi, we’re hopeful for a brighter, healthier world where everyone has access to the healthcare they need to thrive. This is only possible through innovative partnerships like our incredible work with the Causely community to directly help patients in need. We’ve shown the world that when we come together for good, amazing things can happen. We can’t wait for our special campaign with Causely in 2022 so we can change more lives together!” Thank you for supporting Watsi this month by checking in and leaving reviews. You are truly changing the lives of others!