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Causely + Vitamin Angels: Unite to Nourish


Vitamin Angels is dedicated to making sure essential nutrition is available to underserved and nutritionally vulnerable pregnant women and children worldwide. This year they will reach over 60 million moms and kids in all 50 states, and 65 countries! 

“Giving multiple micronutrients to women during pregnancy is one of the most critical public health interventions for women and their children. It prevents babies from being born too soon and too small, both of which increase the risk of early death.”

Dr. Robert Black, Johns Hopkins University

Vitamin Angels has a goal to reach 50 million women worldwide each year by 2030. By providing prenatal nutrition, they are not only helping mothers have better birth outcomes, but giving the new babies the best possible start to their lives!  Vitamins Angels educates  new mothers on infant development and teaches them how to best feed their babies during different stages, like exclusively breastfeeding through 6 months and when to start solids. 

Vitamin Angels is making a huge difference for families around the world by not only providing pregnant mothers with vital nutrition, but also supporting the child from birth to 5 years old to help both the mother and baby thrive! 

Vitamin Angels tackles what they call “Barriers to Care” in efforts to support nutritional interventions that can help stop the generational cycle of poverty in these key areas: 

  • Availability – Providers or nutrition interventions in an area or timeframe don’t meet the demand.
  • Access – Distance, wait times, or inefficient distribution limit access to essential services or interventions.
  • Affordability – Health care services, transportation, or lost wages to obtain care, are cost-prohibitive.
  • Acceptability – Poor quality of care, discrimination, or cultural insensitivity cause a lack of trust in providers.
  • Awareness – Services or interventions are not received because patients are not aware of their existence or purpose.

We are excited to partner with Vitamin Angels and support the incredible work they do!