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Causely + Convoy of Hope: Helping our World Thrive


In the Month of May, we want to honor Mothers all over the world, and we will do that with Convoy of Hope! We have partnered with Convoy of Hope in the past for disaster response, but we are so proud to now bring them on as a monthly campaign partner! 

We will be supporting their Family Health Empowerment program. This program encompasses all of their Mothers’ Clubs, which helps women in all stages of motherhood so their families can flourish. 

Convoy of Hope is so much more than Family Health Empowerment! They have 6 initiatives that they focus on to help people in need in the United States and around the world! 

  • The Women’s Empowerment Initiative is where women are given the opportunity to generate income, which impacts their families and their community’s economic standing. They want to empower women to make strategic, independent life choices through community based training and nontraditional, microenterprise development. This initiative also has a pillar for Girls Empowerment as well, so that girls can be educated and given the skills to become the next generation of leaders. In 2021, over 35,300 women and girls were empowered in 16 countries! 
  • The Children’s Feeding Initiative starts with FeedONE where meals are the starting point to build strong, thriving communities. Convoy of Hope’s goal is to offer nutritious food, access to clean and safe water, knowledge of healthy environments, and the opportunity to succeed in school. They are currently serving over 465,000 children daily in 26 countries! 
  • The Disaster Relief Initiative Services team is among the first to respond to disasters. Highly regarded for scalable and effective distribution, Convoy is committed to being a positive force during crises. In 2021 alone, they responded to 64 disasters, helped over 2 million people and dispersed over 21 million meals! 
  • The Agriculture Initiative is where Convoy of Hope gives people the skills to break the cycle of poverty for themselves. Convoy’s agriculture specialists teach methods that encourage long-term sustainable practices. In 2021, there were almost 24,000 participants in 14 countries and over 7,800 attendees at agricultural training sessions! 
  • The Rural Compassion Initiative happens from Australia’s outback to America’s heartland. Convoy of Hope is working to meet needs in rural communities internationally. Poverty and hunger are two of the biggest problems. Rural Initiatives help local leadership more effectively discover and implement solutions to help their communities come together and thrive. 
  • The Community Events Initiative is where anyone from Civic leaders to church volunteers come together in communities to welcome “Guests of Honor.” Guided by Convoy’s Guest of Honor principle, attendees receive groceries, health services, haircuts, family portraits, career services, shoes, and much more — all at no charge and no ID is required. Helping people in need can be the first step to bringing together a community. 

When it comes to helping people, you can see that Convoy of Hope leaves no stone unturned. We are thrilled to start this partnership journey with them, and can’t wait to see the difference we can make with our community! 

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