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Causely + Books for Africa: The Gift of Books


As the holidays are approaching, there’s no better time to give the gift of education. We are excited to announce our partnership with Books for Africa from October – December 2023. Together, we can help end the book famine in Africa.

The power of education is immeasurable; it has the ability to transform lives, break barriers, and shape the future of individuals and entire communities. However, access to quality education remains a challenge for many around the world, especially in underprivileged regions. This holiday season, as we reflect on the value of giving, Causely is joining forces with Books for Africa to make a difference that can ripple through generations.

Empowering through Education: Books for Africa’s Remarkable Mission

Books for Africa has been a beacon of hope for countless children and students across the African continent. Since 1988, they have been at the forefront of addressing the shortage of reading materials and educational resources in Africa. Their dedication has resulted in the shipment of over 58 million books to all 55 African countries, making them the largest provider of donated text and library books to the continent.

In the fiscal year 2023 alone, Books for Africa achieved a monumental milestone by shipping approximately 4,029,000 books valued at over $32.6 million to 32 African countries. This feat marked the highest number of books ever shipped by the organization in a single year. The impact of this effort is not just measured in numbers; it is seen in the smiles of children who now have the opportunity to read, learn, and dream.

Books for Africa doesn’t stop at books. They also collect, sort, and distribute computers, tablets, and library enhancement materials, all in collaboration with global donors, publishers, and African partners. Their vision is to cultivate a continent rich in readers, where classrooms, libraries, universities, and careers are fueled by knowledge and aspiration. By providing diverse books in multiple languages, digital content, and learning tools, they are creating vibrant learning spaces that lay the foundation for a brighter future.

Causely’s Contribution: Spreading the Gift of Books

From October through December 2023, Causely is embarking on a remarkable campaign to support Books for Africa. Every 5 Facebook check-ins or reviews during this period will translate into the gift of a book for a child in need. This simple action, which takes just a few seconds, holds the potential to shape a child’s life and open doors to opportunities they might have never imagined.

Education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about empowerment, personal growth, and the chance for a better life. By participating in this initiative, you’re not just giving a book; you’re giving the gift of education, hope, and the promise of a brighter future. The impact of your actions will resonate far beyond the holiday season, creating a positive ripple effect that can transform communities and even nations.

Joining Hands for a Better Tomorrow

We invite you to stand with us from October to December and be a part of this transformative movement. Your participation, whether through Facebook check-ins or spreading the word, brings us one step closer to a world where education is accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances. Visit Books for Africa’s website to learn more about their remarkable work and how you can contribute to their mission.

This holiday season, let’s come together to give the gift of books, the gift of education, and the gift of a brighter future. Together, we can be the change-makers that our world needs.