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Why UFC Fighter Tim Credeur Chose Causely

Build_Community"Causely tightens your community," said former UFC fighter and MMA gym owner, Tim Credeur, when asked to describe his experience with Causely. After 5 months of Causely, Tim's fitness business has seen a dramatic growth in membership, online traffic, and overall customer engagement. He shared his success story with us.

Back in 2008, Tim opened Gladiators Academy with the goal of training adult fighters. He didn't know anything about marketing or how to grow his business.  "I didn’t even know what 'marketing' meant. I thought if I knocked out enough guys, the word would get around and people would come to my gym," said Tim. "Turns out, that's not the right process."  

Build_Community_At_Your_BusinessTim focused solely on adults for the first year of business until several students approached him about starting a class for their kids (who'd been watching from the sidelines). Tim was adamantly against it. But his students wore him down and he eventually started a class for elementary-aged kids. That's when he unexpectedly discovered a new passion: martial arts for kids. 

Unfortunately, Tim had no idea how to market the new class. He started spending over $5,000 a month on everything from mailers to billboards, but the return was minimal. "I call it 'hope' marketing," said Tim. "You put your info out there, spend a ton of money, and hope it works. But it doesn't work." 

Tim wasn't the only one facing this challenge. Plenty of martial arts schools (like this one) have spent money on "traditional marketing" but with little to show for it. 

The Search for Better Marketing Solutions 

In hope of finding the answer to his marketing woes, Tim invested in his own education. He read books. He attended conferences. And he learned about the importance of Facebook marketing. During his studies, he came across Causely on Facebook. A few weeks later, Tim met Matt Sharp, co-founder of Causely, at an MMA conference.


Tim learned that with Causely, he could grow his business and do good at the same time. Each time someone checked in on Facebook at his gym, Causely would donate to a great cause. Since Facebook check-ins allow one person to tell hundreds of their friends about a place they've visited, they're the perfect way to spread the word. It was just the solution Tim was looking for, so he signed up for Causely that day!

"We've seen a dramatic change with Causely," said Tim. "We were only getting 15 Facebook check-ins a month. Now we get 400-500 a month. The only difference is Causely."

Building A Bigger (And Stronger) Community

The Gladiators community embraced Causely without hesitation. They were eager to show people where they spend their time and what they love doing. The added benefit of donating to a great cause each month only enhanced their excitement about checking in.  


Not only did Facebook traffic sky-rocket, but membership sign-ups tripled. For Tim, it wasn't just about getting more customers and increasing revenue. It was about strengthening his community.

"Causely adds a feeling of long-term closeness in our community. We're tight," said Tim. He's even seen improvement in relationships between the kids in class and their parents. The parents now send messages to Tim and the other instructors on Facebook telling them how proud they are that the gym supports so many causes


Tim's Advice For Other Business Owners

Tim advises anyone considering Causely, "I couldn’t imagine Causely being easier or more beneficial. The launch process was seamless. We get emails [from Causely] every month with ready-made content. And that's it. Why would you pass up an opportunity to build community at your business, increase revenue, and give back?"

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