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This UFC Gym Owner Gets New Member Referrals Every Month


The fitness business is competitive. For people who want to lose weight or pursue a healthier lifestyle, that’s great. It means they’ve got plenty of options when it comes to where they can workout. But for owners of fitness businesses, this fierce competition means an effective marketing strategy is critical.

We caught up with Larry Stelley, General Manager of UFC Gym El Paso, to find out how Sweat Angels put him ahead of the competition. Here’s what we learned.

Challenges With Traditional Marketing

Before discovering Sweat Angels, Larry relied on traditional marketing grow his gym. But by far, referrals were the best way for Larry to add new members. The challenge was getting more of his members to refer new members. Often his members would say they had a friend to refer, but then they’d forget or feel uncomfortable because they didn’t want to be pushy. Fortunately, Larry discovered Sweat Angels. It essentially works the same way as referral program, but on a much larger scale. 


Ramping Up Referrals

“Marketing on Facebook is the new age, and Sweat Angels is the way to make the most of the network’s power,” Larry said. Facebook’s filters make it hard to reach people with a basic post. But check-ins aren’t filtered out the same way, so they are the very effective for connecting with prospects. “Most Facebook users have 150 friends on average. So each time they check in with us, they let their 150 friends know they’re at our gym,” Larry explained.

That’s exactly how the UFC gym came to sign up its first Sweat Angel-referred member. “A family member kept seeing check-ins from our member, Valerie. That relative was looking for something different, checked us out when she discovered Valerie worked out here, and joined our gym,” Larry said. “Since joining Sweat Angels, we’ve come to rely on Facebook as the primary engine to help build our business,” Larry explained.

With Sweat Angels, Larry's gym grew from an average of 43,000 Facebook impressions from check-ins per month to over 142,000. Larry says his business can also directly credit the program for at least four new members. Larry feels it’s an exceptional return on investment and recommends Sweat Angels to grow gym memberships.


Building a Community By Giving Back

Larry first learned of Sweat Angels around the time he was also looking for opportunities to give back to the community. Larry explained, “I looked into it and found out we could do our outreach through Sweat Angels. By encouraging our members to check in frequently, we’re all contributing to causes locally, nationally, and even internationally.”

How does that work? Each time a member of Larry's gym checks in on Facebook, Sweat Angels makes a donation to a great cause. It's the perfect incentive to get members excited about checking in.

“Whether we’re banding together to provide assistance to Nepalese earthquake victims, fund autism research, or save local pets from being euthanized, when our members check in on Facebook they feel more connected with us,” Larry said. “Sweat Angels makes us more than just a place our members work out. We’re a family of like-minded individuals. Members feel good when they check in to help charities, the charities make money, and all of this outreach spreads the word about our gym. It’s great for all parties involved,” said Larry. 

Sweat Angels Family

Helping Your Members Tell Your Story

When we asked Larry what he’d tell other gyms considering Sweat Angels, he replied, “Just do it!” As a gym owner, you're in the fitness business, not the marketing business. When you join Sweat Angels, you’re getting your community to your marketing for you. That leaves you free to focus on what you do best: helping people get fit. 

Want More Referrals At Your Gym?

Sweat Angels generates personal, friend-to-friend, referrals to your gym. We use the power of Facebook check-ins to generate thousands of personal referrals every week. How do we do it? Every time a member of your gym checks in on Facebook, we make a donation to a great charity.

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