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How to 'Build an Even Stronger Community' with Your Gym Members


"At Curves, we all connect with one another," said Tina Bruno of Curves of Apex, in North Carolina. "Causely helps us connect even more.

After joining the Curves staff in 2005, Tina bought the business in 2009. Being new to the fitness business, she had a lot to learn. But she was ahead of the game. Tina already knew two things she needed to do to be successful. First, she had to build community with members. And second, she had to develop a strong presence online. 

The Hardships of a Small Marketing Budget

In her 7 years of gym ownership, Tina hadn't found an efficient way to spread the word about her gym. "As part of a franchise, I pay for advertising help from a national level, but that doesn't always work well locally," Tina told us. With her remaining budget she's tried fliers, but hasn't seen much success.


She has even spent time connecting with local businesses for wellness events and corporate wellness discounts to advertise locally. But hasn't experienced success with this approach, either. "This type of advertising hasn't provided us what we need and it doesn't build community with our members," Tina said. 

The Value of Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been Tina's best option. "I've always known the importance of having a Facebook page," she said. "I'm on Facebook. My friends are on Facebook. That's where people are." This realization pushed her to update her business page and regularly post fresh content in order to increase the gym's visibility online. 

Facebook_MarketingLast December, Tina saw an ad for Causely on Facebook. Researching it further, she learned about the value of Facebook check-ins and how with Causely, check-ins at her location would generate a donation to charity. "I knew my members would get it." 

Instant Increase In Member Engagement 

Curves experienced an immediate increase in online visibility and online engagement with Causely. "The members love it," said Tina. "There are a few women who don't know how to check in, and other members have taken time to show them. We are a community and Causely is building an even stronger community." 


Tina also told us about her previous struggle in getting members to check in on Facebook. Since Causely, she's not had that problem. "They never checked in before. Now they have a reason to," she said. Because the check-ins support charity, people are making more of an effort. They even remind each other to check in. "My members care about the program and they care about each other," said Tina. 

Advice for Businesses In Need of a Marketing Program 

"I think businesses just need to try Causely," Tina said. "It’s something everyone can do— no matter that type of business you are. Do your research on the program and get going."   

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