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How This Minneapolis Gym Generates High-Quality Leads With Facebook

How To Generate High Quality Leads For Your Gym

Minneapolis is home to hundreds of great gyms, fitness studios, and personal trainers. The sheer number of fitness businesses in that area makes it hard to stand out from the competition. But Kosama Minneapolis does it by delivering world-class fitness classes and coaching, and using Sweat Angels to generate word-of-mouth referrals.

We talked to Jake Madrinich, owner of Kosama, to see how Sweat Angels works to grow his gym. Here’s what we learned.

Disappointments With Advertising

Like many gym owners, Jake struggled with traditional marketing to bring in new members. The cost to advertise their gym was always high, and the increases in membership were usually low. Facebook used to be Kosama’s best source for connecting with prospects. However, changes to Facebook's algorithm (along with more and more pages vying for attention) made Facebok  a difficult channel for Kosama to generate leads.

“Over the last few years our organic exposure on Facebook decreased drastically. It dropped so low we simply couldn’t use it to grow gym memberships,” Jake explained. Since Facebook used to be one of Kosama’s best sources for connecting with prospects, Jake knew there was tons of potential there. Finding it again was another matter.

Bringing in the Very Best Leads

Fortunately, Jake found Sweat Angels and jumped at the chance to try the program. “I loved the concept right away,” Jake said. “I knew it would help us reach more people, all while spending less money than before.”

As Jake predicted, once Sweat Angels was introduced to Kosama’s members, the leads started rolling in. But the quality of the leads even impressed Jake. Why? Sweat Angels generates word-of-mouth referrals. And members who come from referrals buy more, stay longer, and are overall, happier members.


With Sweat Angels, Kosama can once again use Facebook to bring in those coveted leads. “Sweat Angels delivers the high-quality member-to-member referrals we want by giving us the exposure we need,” Jake said. “Studies show that it takes someone seeing a brand seven to nine times before they become interested in trying you out,” Jake explained. “With Sweat Angels, we get 60,000 Facebook check-in impressions per month. Once I saw that, I knew nothing could beat it for growing our gym.” 

Turning Check-Ins Into Leads

How exactly does Sweat Angels generate leads for Jake's gym? When members check-in on Facebook at Kosama Minneapolis, Sweat Angels makes a donation to a great charity. Connecting Facebook check-ins to charity does two things...

First, it gets members excited about checking in. When members learn that they can support a good cause just by checking in on Facebook, their behavior changes instantly.

Secondly, all those check-ins generate massive Facebook exposure for Kosama Minneapolis. Since each check-in is typically seen by over 200 friends of a member, it doesn't take long before Kosama Minneapolis is seen by thousans of people in the community. All that visibility results in more leads and more customers.

Facebook check-ins grow this gym

Enjoying the Ease of the Program

Jake loves how easy the Sweat Angels program is. Each month he receives all the promotional material needed to make the program a success. “You don’t have to be in the trenches to make it work. Each month Sweat Angels sends me everything I need to get my members excited about checking in,” he said.

The Kosama team places Sweat Angels stickers on the locker-room mirrors, posters in the club, and digital display on the reception counter. Then their coaches make a reminder announcement before each class. With those few steps, Kosama members check-in regularly, and the referrals roll in.

Creating a Community Around Great Causes

Sweat Angels also met a philanthropic need for Kosama. Jake said that like many small business owners, he was already looking for a way to give back and help others. He knew philanthropy was an important part of transforming their gym into a true community.

But in practice, organizing ongoing opportunities to donate was tough. "The problem that we ran into is that it’s very hard to organize philanthropy on an ongoing basis," Jake said. "It’s even more challenging when you try to find ways to give back without costing your members anything."

Sweat Angels solved Jake’s search and built that community feeling he was striving for. Members talk about Sweat Angels and get excited about each of the monthly causes. And with each workout and check-in, Kosama members are allied together in giving back.

What’s more, the instructors report hearing students reminding each other to check-in before and after class. This connection through philanthropy builds friendships and solidifies their members’ in their investment in their gym community.

Generating word of mouth referrals

The Sweat Angels program has been a hit at Kosama, and Jake raves about it whenever he can. “Sweat Angels is the best money you can spend. It brings us high quality leads and is very cost effective,” Jake concluded.

Want more referrals at your gym?

Sweat Angels generates personal, friend-to-friend, referrals to your gym. Owners who use Sweat Angels typically see a 4-6x increase in Facebook exposure for their gym. How do we do it? Every time a member of your gym checks in on Facebook, we make a donation to a great charity.

To learn how Sweat Angels can help you scale friend-to-friend referrals for your gym, schedule a demo with us today:

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