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How This F45 Location Generated Word-of-Mouth From Day One

F45 Training in Highlands Ranch, CO

Brenda Butz is the manager and trainer at F45 Training in Highlands Ranch, CO. Although her gym joined Sweat Angels by Causely just a short while ago, her community is already reaching up to 166,000 people on social media every month.

We sat down with Brenda to learn why she joined and how she’s made the program such a success.

Q: What got you involved with F45?

A: My real passion is changing people’s lives through fitness. While fitness has been a lifelong pursuit of mine, I fell in love with F45 because it’s such a unique model.

Q: What challenges does your gym face when it comes to marketing?

A: F45 corporate has some specific guidelines in terms of what we can and cannot do, so that’s something we always pay attention to. For example, we can’t use direct mailers, so we have to be extra focused on being effective with our online marketing. And we’ve found it tough to compete against promotions like Groupon where people switch gyms just to get a discount for a few weeks.

Q: How did you hear about Sweat Angels by Causely?

A: We first heard about it from another F45 owner who recommended the program. At first, I didn’t know much about how Sweat Angels works, but when I looked at the Facebook page and saw how involved the member locations were, I thought, “This is brilliant!”

Q: What convinced your team to join?

A: We knew that we needed more exposure on social media, especially Facebook, if we were going to add members as quickly as we wanted to. Knowing that Sweat Angels would help us deliver exactly that was really key for us. And seeing that the program got our members involved in supporting great causes made it a no-brainer.

Q: Has Sweat Angels met your expectations?

A: Absolutely. In fact, our members are so excited to give back [by checking in] that those who don’t already have the Facebook app have downloaded it just so they can participate.

Q: How do your members feel about Sweat Angels?

A: We always talk about the current cause at the end of class, and everyone is always excited to help out. Supporting Hurricane Harvey victims earlier this month was especially important to our members. Each new cause creates a buzz and gets the community excited.

Q: What would you say to other gym owners thinking about joining Sweat Angels?

A: It’s a must! It creates an atmosphere where your members know you care about the community. Our gym isn’t just about coming in and sweating, it’s giving back.


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