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How Camp Gladiator Members Do Good Together


"Working out doesn't have to be awful. It can be fun. And with Causely, people can workout together to do something good," says Paul Taylor, Trainer for Camp Gladiator Denton/Corinth.  

Paul has been training with Camp Gladiator for six months. In that short time, he has experienced the "Cheers" atmosphere of the Gladiator program. Everybody knows everybody and everybody is included. Learning this helped point him in the right direction when thinking about marketing. 

Being a trainer, not a marketer or businessman, Paul wasn't spending any money on marketing. Of course, he used the content sent down from the corporate office, but he wasn't doing any kind of local advertising to grow his camps. 

Friend-to-Friend Referrals Win Again 

Paul wanted to market in an authentic way. And the only way to do that was to get his members to help out. "I knew my members could sell the program ten times better than I could sell it. All I needed to do was give them more incentive to talk about it with their friends," said Paul. 


When Paul found out about with Causely, he learned that every check-in at his Camp Gladiator Facebook page would generate a donation to a great cause. Right away, he knew that generating referrals by giving back would be a good fit. 

In fact, Paul didn't even present the idea to his team. He was sure they would love it. Paul said, "We have an "abundance" mentality. Instead of making it MY Camp Gladiator or YOUR Camp Gladiator, we work together. Causely was a natural way to continue to grow together with the help of our members." 

Causely Fit the Target Market

Causely was also the perfect solution for reaching Paul's target market. The most common age demographic on Facebook is 25-35, which matches the target age for Camp Gladiator. "We work with all ages, but typically, our members range between 25 to 35 years old. And they're all on Facebook, " said Paul. "The fact that Causely does everything through Facebook made it more appealing." 

Great Results With The Program 

Once he partnered Causely, Paul saw immediate results online and in class. "The members love it. I don't usually get a round of applause after a session. But now that I announce the numbers and remind people to check-in, they applaud. My workouts have doubled in size." 


When Paul finishes a session and gets back to his car, his phone is always blowing up with notifications from people checking in and commenting on the good they participate in. "The best part is that because of the check-ins, I get to interact with people I wouldn't have met before," said Paul. He engages with every check-in he sees and responds to comments about the program.

Causely has been so effective that Paul's Camp Gladiator location has tripled its Facebook impressions.


Advice For Other Gyms and Fitness Programs

Paul's advice to anyone considering Causely is simple: "I would absolutely recommend anybody who is on the fence. There’s a whole lot of ways I could be doing marketing. I could pay to boost posts. I could do traditional marketing. But it never seems to work. Even when I boost posts, I don’t get a whole lot of response. With Causely, we're doing more than just push ups in the parking lot. We're doing good and setting ourselves apart from all the other programs out there."

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