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How This Salon Uses a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy


Bean Tabben-Adkins is an Elite Stylist and the Social Media Manager at Planet Salon in Central Kentucky. During her ten years in the salon industry, she’s learned that the best way to grow a salon business is through an word-of-mouth marketing that generates referrals. Here’s how Causely provided Bean with the strategy she needed to grow Planet Salon.

The Importance of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

In the salon industry, personal relationships with clients are key. Which means that word-of-mouth referrals are critical. “As stylists, we are emotionally invested in our clients,” said Bean. “And because of that, our biggest challenge has been finding an organic marketing strategy.”

So when Bean learned that Causely could help Planet Salon generate referrals on Facebook by giving back, it seemed like a natural fit. “That’s why Causely stuck out to me. Facebook check-ins are an easy extension of word-of mouth. Plus, we were already doing a lot of local charity work to help build our brand. Causely was something that would have a bigger impact,” said Bean.

From The Gym to The Salon

Bean first heard about Causely at her gym. Every time she worked out and checked in on Facebook , Causely would donate to a new cause each month. “I loved checking in at my gym and I loved the causes,” said Bean.

When she learned that Causely provides pre-written email announcements, cause announcement videos, professionally designed Facebook posts, and printed materials for its partners, she knew it would be a good fit for Planet Salon. “Our clients are sitting there on their phones, so it would be easy to ask them to check in for a good cause. It made sense to get on board,” she said.


Immediate Results and Significant Growth

Planet Salon joined Causely in 2014. Bean told us, “the launch process was effortless. I talked to someone on the phone, he walked me through the set up, and then they sent me an email and a box with everything I needed to launch the program.”

Since joining Causely, Planet Salon has expanded from one location to three. And those locations have enjoyed a significant increase in foot traffic. “There has been a huge impact. The Internet is where things happen now, so when you see numbers rising there, you know it’s trickling down and helping get people through the door,” Bean said.


How Planet Salon Promotes The Program

“We have the Causely display up front. People walk in, see the sign, sit down to wait for their appointment and check in. We also have fliers about the causes lying around,” said Bean. She told us that even the people who don’t like checking in all the time do it because it’s for a good cause. 

Bean also promotes the program with her own staff. Every month, she sends Causely’s pre-written emails to hear staff and asks them to spread the word at their locations. “Everyone is on board,” she said. “That’s why it’s been successful.”


Bean’s Advice to Anyone Considering Causely For Their Business

“Causely makes sense,” Bean told us. “Why wouldn’t you want Facebook check-ins to count towards charity? People love checking in… it might as well be for a good cause.”